Important Things to Know Before Getting a Back Tattoo

Our backs are one of the largest canvases on our bodies. For this reason, they’re perfect for getting large, detailed tattoos. However, you must remember that the bigger the tattoo, the more painful it will be.

Getting a tattoo is one of the biggest decisions anyone can ever make, as it’s like getting married; if you choose wisely, you will remain happy with your decision for years. Otherwise, you will regret it for a lifetime.

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Getting a Back Tattoo

1. Medical Issues

Ensure to keep any doctor-related issues front of mind before even considering getting a back tattoo, especially if surgery is needed in that region. People with back or spine problems should reconsider getting a back tattoo, especially on their lower back.

Pregnancy is another reason why one should avoid getting a new backpiece. The procedure that involves placing an epidural catheter during childbirth could make the tattoo ink get into some spinal components or increase the infection risk.

2. You Won’t Be Able to Watch the Process

Be aware you will not be able to see the inking take place. Some tattoo artists like the idea of their clients seeing the tattoo get done and because they say it hurts less. Although, the reality is that watching your tattoo getting done hurts more. According to a tattoo artist’s standpoint, the back is more or less an easy area to apply ink.

3. Eat a Good Meal Before

After choosing the best spot and design for your back tattoo, you are meant to start prepping your tattoo appointment. One of the important things you should do is eat and get hydrated before getting any tattoo.

You should also try to avoid drinking excessive alcohol the night before going in for your tattoo appointment, as it can lead to a lot of bleeding during the tattoo process. You should also avoid exposure to the sun before going in for your appointment. You might also want to get a back shaver to get rid of all your back hairs.

4. Infection

From a medical perspective, after getting inked, there are three essential aftercare processes you should perform regardless of whether the tattoo is on your back or another part of your body.

First, you should closely watch out for signs of an infection and ensure that you take proper care of your wound by regularly applying ointment to it and avoiding activities that can get your tattoo exposed to sources of infection like swimming pools. You also need to avoid using a back shaver during this period, so you avoid getting yourself injured and ending up with an infected wound.

5. SPF Protection

After getting a fresh tattoo, you must get the proper sun protection. If the tattoo is in an area that could get exposed to sun rays, you should consider getting some SPF on hand to slather religiously on the tattoo.

6. Aftercare Products

Whenever it comes to aftercare and getting a tattoo on your back, you must ensure that you moisturize a tattoo properly during the healing process. You must also avoid scratching it as it can lead to small scabs ripping off and loss of pigment.

Always remember to ensure that whoever is helping you in applying the ointment should clean their hands properly. Also, you might want to avoid using a back shaver after getting a tattoo to avoid getting yourself wounded.

7. Challenging to Sleep on the Back

Having some fresh ink on your back might affect your sleeping position for a few weeks as you will only be able to sleep on your side or back.

If you plan to cover up your back tattoo or pay for a laser tattoo removal later in the future, you should think carefully before making any tattoo design decision. By now, you should be fully aware of all the precautions and preps for getting a back tattoo.

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