How To Make A Tattoo Hurt Less

Pain is generally associated with getting a tattoo. While it is true that getting a tattoo will not be a painless procedure, different individuals have varying pain thresholds, and it will therefore feel different for every individual. The level of pain can also vary due to:

  • The tattoo placement on the body
  • The artist’s technique
  • Tattoo style and size

The larger and more intricate a tattoo is, the more painful it will be. However, it may be impossible to eliminate the pain. There are a few essential things that you can do to ensure your tattoo session does not result in more pain than it should be. Here are some things you can do to make a tattoo hurt less:

Tattoo Process 1

1. Stay Sober For at Least 24 Hours Before the Session

It may seem like drinking alcohol or being under the influence of drugs is an easy way to lessen the pain. However, this can be a bad idea. It can even make the tattoo more painful. Alcohol also makes the blood thinner resulting in more bleeding, and the ink may not be taken well, and the tattoo will not come out cleanly. It also heightens your pain sensitivity and dehydrates your body.

2. Stay Hydrated

It would help if you ensured that you are well hydrated before, during, and after the tattooing session. Tattooing on dry skin can be a more painful experience. Well-hydrated skin is essential for the process as the skin is easier to work on. It will also make the process pass faster, reducing the time required for the session.

3. Wear Loose Clothes

It would be best to dress in comfortable clothes that are not too tight on the skin. Try to avoid extra clothing and go for loose and thin clothing. It ensures that you are more comfortable and the newly tattooed area is left uncovered. The choice of clothing should depend on the area you are getting the tattoo. For instance, shorts can be appropriate if you are getting a thigh tattoo.

4. Use an Anesthetic

To reduce the pain during the tattooing session, you can use an anesthetic. There are anesthetics available that have been designed to ease and numb the pain that accompanies tattooing. You can use several options, including numbing cream, gels, sprays, and foaming soap. These options help numb the pain during and after getting a tattoo. It would, however, be best to consult your tattoo artist before using any anesthetic.

5. Choose a Licensed Tattoo Artist

An experienced tattoo artist will offer better services and take less time to finish the tattoo. It would be best to meet the artist before your scheduled tattooing appointment to understand the artist and their style better. You will be able to see whether they are suitable to carry out the job while assessing the general hygiene of the tattoo shop. An experienced artist is more skilled and well-versed in practice. They are therefore better placed to perform a better job and minimize the pain.

6. Remain Still

Too much movement while getting tattooed will most likely interfere with the artist’s work. It would be best to remain still and avoid any movements. Too much activity is likely to distract the artist and increase the duration of the session leading to more pain. Staying still provides an excellent canvas for the artist to complete the design.

7. Eat Well Before Your Appointment

Going into your tattoo session with a full stomach is crucial. It helps to increase your stamina while enduring the pain. The more glucose you have in your body, the more you will take the pain. Low blood sugar increases your pain sensitivity. You may even feel dizzy as a result of the pain and hunger. It would therefore be best to ensure you eat well before you go in for a tattoo.

8. Get Enough Sleep Before the Session

Tattoing Hurting

Your body will be better placed to handle the pain if you have had enough sleep and rest. It also takes a lot of energy to sit through the session. More rest the night before will ensure that you can hold through the pain. Being exhausted can make the experience more painful, and you might be unable to handle the session.

The pain of getting a tattoo may seem insignificant to the joy of having the ink you desire on your body. It is hard to determine how painful a tattoo will be for an individual as each individual has a different pain threshold. The area where you decide to get the tattoo also influences the pain as fleshy parts are less sensitive to pain. It is also essential that you discuss any concerns you may have about the process with the artist.

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