50 Cool Wrist Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2017)

Getting tattoos on wrist is wished by all but followed by few. This is because wrist tattoos are visible almost all the time and many companies and organizations have strict policies against visible tattoos. Therefore you must know your job rules before getting tattooed on wrist. Tattoos on wrist do not have any special meaning but the tattoo design can itself be meaningful in its own way. Here we present you 50 meaningful wrist tattoos designs for men and women –

Wrist Tattoos For Men

1. Wrist is the most common place to get matching tattoos with siblings. Here is a cute wrist tattoo idea for siblings where the brothers got tattooed with small air plane and the sister got inked with cloud tattoo.
tattoos on wrist
2. Inner Wrist tattoos can be painful. So if you want to avoid the pain but still wish to have a cute wrist tattoo then I would advise you to get a small tattoo like an arrow tattoo on wrist. Also After care of such tattoos is necessary. You can check out this complete guide of tattoo after care.
arrow wrist tattoos
3. Both girls and boys can opt for small ship tattoos on wrist. It would be meaningful if you or your loved one is in navy.
cute wrist tattoos
4. While most girl look for detailed and colourful butterfly tattoos I would suggest you to try a tribal butterfly tattoo like this as it will be more attractive.
butterfly wrist tattoos
5. If you are a religious person then wrist is one of the best places to get religious tattoos. Here is a small size cross tattoo design on the wrists of two brothers.
cross tattoos on wrist
6. Instead of opting for a front facing wrist tattoo you can go for a side wrist tattoo and the best tattoo design for this is a King or queen crown tattoo in small size like this.
mens wrist tattoos
7. If you wear watch then I would recommend you to have wrist tattoo that does not get hid under the watch. You can opt for a medium size tattoo like a dreamcatcher tattoo in such case.
wrist tattoos for guys
8. You can also go for geometrical symbols or signs for wrist tattoos. Here is a circle tattoo design on wrist along with a tiny eye tattoo.
girls tattoos on wrist
9. Another cool idea for side wrist tattoo is the feather tattoo. It can go along with the thickness of your width thus perfectly matching your style.
feather wrist tattoos
10. There are many variants in cross designs. For example here is a Coptic cross tattoo design on wrist which Is defined by the use of circle and a mini cross. You can try a small Celtic cross tattoo on wrist too.
male wrist tattoos

Wrist Tattoos For Women

11. If you want a flower tattoo design on wrist then be sure it is not huge in size and also it is of your favourite flower. Rose tattoos look beautiful on wrist.
rose wrist tattoos
12. One interesting suggestion that you can follow is to try weird and mysterious tattoo designs on wrist. They will surely leave viewers asking questions. Try pyramid tattoos on wrist like this.
geometric wrist tattoos
13. If you are in love with someone then go for a tiny heart tattoo design on wrist and you can make it even better by adding the initials of the name of your loved one.
heart tattoos on wrist
14. Couples can opt for a heartbeat tattoo design on wrist. The placement of this tattoo design will matter a lot because perfect placement will make the matching tattoos complement each other.
heartbeat wrist tattoos
15. Sisters can opt for infinity and heart tattoo design on wrist where one sister would wear the infinity tattoo and the other one will opt for heart tattoo.
infinity wrist tattoos
16. Instead of opting for a quote tattoo on wrist I will advise you to get ink with one word tattoo. Several words that you can choose are – Family, Friends, Love, Hope, Faith and Strength.
wrist names tattoos
17. Lock and Key tattoos are pretty common matching tattoo idea among siblings and couples. The best place to have such tattoos is wrist.
couples wrist tattoos
18. If you love yourself then you can get a matching tattoo with yourself too. How? Opt for a simple wrist tattoo like cat or heart and then get it tattooed on your thigh too.
cool wrist tattoos
19. A good option for flower tattoo on wrist is to try either sunflower tattoo or a daisy flower tattoo like this.
wrist flowers tattoos
20. If you have a huge forearm tattoo or a sleeve tattoo design then there is no use to get a wrist tattoo. Instead I would advise you to extend the forearm tattoo up to wrist.
wrist cover up tattoos

Small Wrist Tattoos

21. If you support wildlife conservation then the best tattoo on wrist that you can have is of the animal that you think need to be saved. Here is a small giraffe tattoo design on wrist.
big wrist tattoos
22. I don’t think it’s a good idea to get the word ‘I LOVE YOU’ tattooed on wrist. But many people still wish to have such tattoos to dedicate it to their lover.
words wrist tattoos
23. If you are a huge Disney fan then you can have a silhouette tattoo of your favourite character such as here is a little mermaid tattoo on wrist.
inner wrist tattoos
24. You can try offbeat tattoo designs on wrist. For example this girl opted for a grain crop tattoo design on wrist.
minimal wrist tattoos
25. You can also try simple outline tattoos on wrist for example this lady chose a mini mouse outline tattoo with a tiara on head.
minnie mouse wrist tattoos
26. Couples can get the most out of wrist tattoos as they can have matching wrist tattoos that they can show off. Here is a cute sun and moon wrist tattoos that will suit couples.
moon sun wrist tattoos
27. If you are an avid music lover and tattoo lover then the best place to show it is wrist. Here is large music note tattoo on wrist.
musical wrist tattoos
28. If you have pet then you can get a paw tattoo design on wrist. Here is a cute cat paw tattoo on wrist.
tattoos for women on wrist
29. Side wrist tattoos need to long in size therefore if you opt for an animal tattoo the you should show him running just like this running bunny tattoo on side wrist.
unique wrist tattoos
30. Instead of trying a complicated sign on wrist you can opt for a simple side wrist tattoo like this.
simple wrist tattoos

Tattoos On Wrist

31. An interesting wrist tattoo idea would be to get your name initials inked but in a different language. You can try it in roman, greek or even urdu.
small wrist tattoos
32. Placement of the tattoo on wrist can make it even more impressive. You can try the tattoo design shown in this picture on your wrist on exact place.
side wrist tattoos
33. You can opt for the logo of your favourite superhero. After all you can proudly show off your superhero logo tattoo design on wrist.
small inner wrist tattoos
34. Many artist recommend flying birds tattoo design on wrist but you can opt for just one flying bird on wrist like this.
bird wrist tattoos
35. If you wish to have a matching tattoo on wrist with your sister or brother then I would recommend having the tattoo in such style that they make a complete tattoo when joined together.
swans wrist tattoos
36. If you wish to have a cover up tattoo design on wrist then you should opt for a detailed tattoo design like this (teapot tattoo).
top wrist tattoos
37. Is it a tiny planet tattoo design that is similar to Saturn? Or is it just a small music note tattoo design?
stars tattoos on wrist
38. You can have tree tattoo design on your wrist and it will look even more meaningful and cheerful if you show some birds flying out of it.
wrist tree tattoos
39. If you wish to have angel wings tattoos but you do not want them on back or shoulder then try them on both your wrist. It is probably the only tattoo design that I would recommend on both wrists.
angel wing tattoos on wrist
40. Wolf face tattoo designs are very popular. I recommend large size wolf tattoos on chest or shoulder but you can also try a small howling wolf tattoo on wrist like this.
wolf wrist tattoos

Wrist Tattoos For Girls

41. You can get you loved ones name tattooed on your wrist but in some other language. For example here this girl
tiny wrist tattoos
42. This is a mix up tattoo of nautical compass and Star of David on wrist. You too can try such mix up tattoos especially if you are looking for a cover up tattoo on wrist.
tattoos for girls on wrist
43. Here is a unique wrist tattoo idea where the artist inked a girl portrait but just by using solid black outlines. This neo-tribal tattoo definitely suits wrist.
mother daughter tattoos on wrist
44. Wrist tattoos should be positive as you will look at them all the time so they must give you hope and positivity. This beautiful floral tattoo design surely gives positive vibes.
wrist tattoos for girls
45. If you support a particular cultural or political belief then you can get it inked on your wrist as it will be easily visible to the world and they will understand your thinking.
wrist tattoos designs
46. The alignment and positioning of this girl in the rain tattoo is perfect as it will look meaningless in any other position.
wrist tattoos for men
47. You can have the smiling and crying mask tattoo design on your wrist. It would be even better if they both are inked separately on both wrists.
wrist tattoos for women
48. If you are out of ideas for wrist tattoos then you should check out Tumblr, pinterest and deviantart as these sites are full of tribal drawings and sketches.
masculine wrist tattoos
49. Wrist bracelet tattoos are very common so it is up to you if you wish to try them or want to try any unique idea.
wrist bracelet tattoos
50. Colorful wrist tattoos fade away quickly then black and grey tattoos. If you want temporary wrist tattoos then try watercolour or pastel color.
wrist tattoos

So which wrist tattoo design you would recommend from this photo gallery?

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