50+ Cute Behind The Ear Tattoos For Women (2024) Small Designs

Do Tattoos Behind the ear hurt? Yes, Behind the Ear tattoos are very painful. This is the reason why people avoid getting tattoos on the inside ear or even behind the ear. However, there are still millions of people who like to get their inner ear tattooed. They look for designs like star, cross, hearts and even musical notes that will look gorgeous behind the ear.

If you are one among them then you are in for a treat as we present you 50 cute and small tattoos behind the ear with pros and cons for females –

Do Tattoos Behind the Ear Hurt

1. The artist beautifully inked a flower tattoo on this girl to make it look like ear jewelry. If you don’t mind tattoo on your face then this design will be great for you.
Ear Tattoos

2. There is not much space behind the ear so it would be even more meaningful to get a minimal tattoo design behind the ear. Here is a minimalist elephant tattoo.
Baby Elephant Ear Tattoos

3. Praying hands is a very popular tattoo design. Even though many people recommend to get them on the chest or back, in my opinion, you can try them behind the ear too just like this.
Amazing Ear Tattoos Designs

4. You must choose the size and shape of your ear tattoo and it should not be larger than your ear or otherwise, it will look odd like this seashell tattoo.
Bat Ear Tattoos

5. You can try an across tattoo design too behind the ear. For example here is a long crop tattoo design on the back side of ear.
Beautiful Ear Tattoos
matching tattoos for guy and girl best friends

6. Another cool choice for behind the ear tattoo would be a dagger tattoo. The placement of this dagger tattoo can be improved by bringing it closer to the ear.
Behind Ear Tattoos Gallery

7. Trust me this girl bear a lot of pain to get this shark tattoo behind the ear. As ear tattoos hurt so you must prepare yourself before getting your ear tattooed.
Behind The Ear Tattoos Designs

8. Instead of opting for a behind the ear tattoo you can take your game one step ahead by trying an inside the ear tattoo like this Batman logo tattoo.
Behind The Ear Tattoos Meaning

9. There are many options for inside the ear tattoos but the most attractive would be bug tattoos or small insect tattoos like this.
Butterfly Ear Tattoos

10. Neo tribal tattoos will also suit ear. Here is a neo tribal cloud tattoo design along with the sign of lightning. You can modify your tattoo design so that it looks even better with your ear piercing and modification.
Cloud Ear Tattoos
water lily tattoo meaning

behind the ear tattoos for females

11. If you don’t mind pain at all then I will highly recommend you this blackwork ear tattoo design. This is one of the best ear tattoo design that you will ever see.
Cool Ear Tattoos

12. Instead of trying a behind the ear tattoo you can opt for a face tattoo near the ear. Small cross tattoos or teardrop tattoos will look perfect at such a place.
Cross Ear Tattoos

13. You must have a clear idea for your ear tattoo. If you wish to hide your ear tattoo whenever you want to then get an outline tattoo like this. A girl with long hairs could easily hide it.
Cross Finger Ear Tattoos

14. Inner ear tattoos are way more painful than behind the ear tattoos so how about showing that pain with a blood and knife tattoo design?
Dagger Ear Tattoos

15. I don’t think every other boy or girl will have such a huge area inside the ear to get a Dracula lips tattoo but if you have then you should try it.
Devil Ear Tattoos

16. A bow tie tattoo will also look cute behind the ear but do not ruin it with any other additional tattoo design.
Disney Ear Tattoos Ideas

17. Barb wire tattoos are rarely opted but getting this tattoo design inside the ear would be ironical and PAINFUL.
Ear Tattoo Cost

18. Probably the most popular behind the ear tattoo design is the star tattoo design. Here are beautiful falling star tattoos behind the ear of this girl.
Ear Tattoos Designs

19. If you have large ears then you should try a flower tattoo design behind the ear. The most suitable flower tattoo would be of rose.
Ear Tattoos Flowers

20. You can also opt for a feather tattoo design behind the ear but it will look even more attractive if you have colorful hair like this lady.
Ear Tattoos For Girls

praying hands behind ear

21. OUCH. This ear tattoo design is very painful to get but if you want a majestic tribal tattoo on your body then try it.
Ear Tattoos For Guys

22. So is this a parachute tattoo or a boat tattoo or a bug tattoo or a knife tattoo or a seashell tattoo? I am too confused to comment on it.
Ear Tattoos For Men

23. Could there be any better inner ear tattoo design? This will suit both boys and girls.
Ear Tattoos Images

24. Siblings can have matching ear tattoos. All they have to do is to get tattooed with a roman number that will represent their place among all the siblings.
Ear Tattoos Lines

25. Here is a mute sign tattoo design and it will probably suit girls who don’t want to pay attention to the bull $hit of world.
Ear Tattoos Music

26. Behind the ear is a good place to get religious tattoos. Here is the famous OM tattoo design behind the ear.
Ear Tattoos Om

27. If you are a music lover then you can try an earpiece tattoo design behind the ear. Here is one example where the wires are inked in the style of a quote.
Ear Tattoos Photos

28. You can try such simple ear tattoo designs inside the ear if you do not want to hurt yourself and wish to avoid the pain.
Ear Tattoos Pictures

29. Ear piercing is common among girls so they already know the pain of getting ear tattoos. How about a Rock on a tattoo design that shows your positive spirit against pain?
Ear Tattoos Pinterest

30. You can opt for a large size neck tattoo design that extends up to the ear just like this lighthouse tattoo behind the ear of this guy.
Ear Tattoos Tumblr

behind the ear tattoo ideas for guys

31. You can make your ear tattoo even more attractive by adding lines at several points on your ear line like this.
Ear Tattoos

32. If you are getting an inner tattoo design then do not opt for inner ear piercing because it will be too distracting.
Floral Ear Tattoos

33. Even though inside ear has small area yet you can get meaningful tattoos. This small Saturn tattoo inside the ear is much more impressive than the trash inner ear tattoos.
Galaxy Ear Tattoos

34. Inner ear tattoos do not fade away as quickly as neck tattoos or face tattoos therefore you must choose your inner ear tattoos wisely.
Heart With Arrow Ear Tattoos

35. You can get girly or feminine tattoos inside the ear. Here is a cute hello kitty tattoo on the inner ear of this girl.
Hello Kitty Ear Tattoos

36. Fairy tattoos are very popular among girls. You can try a fairy silhouette tattoo design behind the ear like this.
Inkerbell Ear Tattoos

37. Another cool ear tattoo idea would be to try watercolor tattoos. They would be temporary but also they would not be painful.
Inner Ear Tattoos

38. It is hard to get a detailed tattoo design inside the ear. They sure look impressive but only an experienced tattoo artist can ink such tattoos.
Latest Ear Tattoos

39. If you get a rose tattoo design behind the ear then It will be symbolic if you add thorns to it.
Little Rose Tattoo Behind The Ear

40. Couples can get sun and moon tattoos inside the ear. They will look lovely and would be more meaningful to you both.
Moon Ear Tattoos

spider web tattoo behind ear

41. Music lovers should try music note tattoos inside the ear as they are very popular tattoo choices.
Music Sign Ear Tattoos

42. You can also opt for a one-word tattoo design inside the ear but make sure it is not too long or otherwise it will look out of place and odd.
Simple Ear Tattoos

43. Now here is an innovative inner ear tattoo design. The artist tattooed the grim reaper inside the ear in such style that the tattoo looks real.
Skull Ear Tattoos

44. You can try really small, tiny and subtle inner ear tattoos. If you like traveling then you can opt for an airplane tattoo design.
Small Ear Tattoos

45. A spider web tattoo inside the ear is also a popular idea but make sure you get a full size spider web or otherwise it will look dull.
Spider Web Ear Tattoos

46. Instead of getting multiple star tattoos on your wrist or forearm you can opt for a single star tattoo design inside the ear like this.
Star Ear Tattoos

47. If you are opting for a sun and moon tattoo design with your lover then do not ruin it with another ear tattoo design.
Sun Ear Tattoos

48. Here is a tattoo inspired by the Ghosts of Princess Mononoke movie by Studio Ghibli. You can also get tattooed with your favorite character behind the ear.
Tiny Ear Tattoos

49. An umbrella tattoo design behind the ear or on head will be very meaningful. Here is a cute design.
Umbrella Ear Tattoos

50. You will find a lot of drawings of ear tattoos on Tumblr, Pinterest, and DeviantArt. Be sure to check them out too.
Word Ear Tattoos

So which ear tattoo design from the above photo gallery you would recommend to your friends?

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