195+ Best Tattoos For Girls With Meaning (2018)

Tribal Tattoos For Girls

41. If your old tattoo design start fading away then one good idea is to add a flower tattoo design around it make it lively again just like this.(Realistic panther tattoos)
rose tattoos for girls

42. Dandelion tattoos are also very meaningful for girls as they represent freedom. You can try a medium size dandelion tattoo on your back or stomach and make it even better by adding the quote LIVE FREE.
tattoos for girl on rib

43. One cannot neglect the fact that music is lifeline of many people. If you too love music then try a music note tattoo design. You can make it unique by using the double exposure technique. Here is a music note tattoo along with a flying pigeon.
tattoos for girl on calf

44. Instead of trying a permanent tattoo you can opt for a temporary tattoo design. Watercolor tattoos and pastel tattoos are prefect choice for it.
map tattoos for girl

45. Girls often look for unique queen crown tattoos. I would recommend to try a queen crown tattoo along with a female leopard or lioness or tigress tattoo design as shown in this picture.
half sleeve tattoos for girl

46. If you are a religious girl then you would surely love to have a religious tattoo. I would suggest you to go for a cross tattoo design on forearm that is accompanied by a heart tattoo design and both joined with a heartbeat tattoo like this.
heart tattoos for girl

47. Millions of girls around the world wish to have a pony as a pet but only few can afford them. If you are attracted to ponies too then you can either try a pony tattoo or even better a unicorn tattoo design.
tattoos for girls

48. Personally I find tiger tattoo design more attractive on girls than any other animal tattoo. This is because tiger is fierce and strong animal and such tattoos represent strength of feminism.
tiger tattoos for girl

49. Angel wings tattoos are very common among girls but the best place to have them is back shoulders. You would surely call it one of the best tattoo designs on your body.
angels tattoos for girls

50. You will find many paintings and sketches of wolves on tumblr, pinterest and deviantart. Pick up a large size wolf tattoo and you will never regret it.
leg tattoos for girls