195+ Best Tattoos For Girls With Meaning (2018)

There are definitely thousands of beautiful tattoos for girls but when it comes to meaningful girl tattoos there are very few. You can get your body tattooed with dozens of designs but they will be very much useless if they are not meaningful and also are not rightly placed. A good tattoo will look unattractive if it is not placed on the right body part. I call those tattoos best female tattoos that are perfectly placed and hold a deep meaning for the person. Here we have picked up top 50 best Tattoos For Girls-

Cool Tattoos For Girls

1. If you love traveling then there would be no better design than a landscape tattoo. You can either opt for a snowy hill station tattoo or a calm beach tattoo design on forearm like this.(Wing tattoos on neck)
forearm tattoos for girls

2. Bird tattoos are very popular among girls. You can pick either sparrow tattoo or a female parrot tattoo design. Such tattoos would look amazing on girl thighs.
thigh tattoos for girls

3. Girls are more attracted to small tattoos rather than large tattoos. One very popular part for small tattoos is behind the ear. You can have a small bird tattoo design behind the ear just like this.
tattoos for girls behind the ear

4. Even though skull tattoos are more famous among boys but this doesn’t mean girl can’t have them? I would recommend you to try a sugar skull tattoo design on shoulder or bicep like this.
half sleeve tattoos for girls

5. Sun and Moon tattoo designs are very popular among couples. You might wish to have a sun and moon tattoo design with your boyfriend or husband. One interesting design for such tattoos is shown in this picture.
cool tattoos for girls

6. If you opt for a bird tattoo design then it would be meaningful if you show a flying bird instead of a bird sitting idle. Here is a flying bird tattoo design on the back of this girl.
cool small tattoos for girls

7. Another girly tattoo design that you can give try is the bow tattoo design. This is a perfect tattoo for thigh and you can try it along with a garter tattoo design.
tattoos ideas for girls

8. Butterfly tattoos are among the top 10 most popular tattoos in the world. So obviously you might wish to have a butterfly tattoo. You can try a flying butterfly tattoo design on back like this. It would look good in large size.
butterfly tattoos for girls

9. To be honest there are not much calf tattoo ideas for girls. If you wish to have a unique and impressive design then here is a neo tribal flower tattoo design on the calf. This is also an ideal cover up tattoo for girls.
calf tattoos for girls

10. A good tattoo artist can give a feminine and attractive look to any tattoo design. For example here the artist inked the eyes of cat in blue and made this cat tattoo design even more beautiful.
cat tattoos designs for girls