195+ Best Tattoos For Girls With Meaning (2018)

Simple Tattoos For Girls

31. How about trying a self-portrait tattoo design? It is pretty common among girls to have self-portrait tattoos and here is a cute design for you.(Simple ship tattoos)
tattoos for girls tumblr

32. If you do not want a self-portrait tattoo design then you can opt for the portrait tattoo of a brave historical woman. Here the lady opted for a Native American girl tattoo on her shoulder.
unique tattoos for girls

33. Font selection matters a lot in quote and word tattoos especially for girls. One good suggestion would be to try a font that makes the word look like a heartbeat.
tattoos for girls with meaning

34. Owl tattoos represent wisdom and knowledge. If you are a woman who loves gaining and sharing knowledge then you should opt for an owl tattoo design on shoulder or back.
tattoos for girls on arm

35. Peacock are known as excellent dancers in many cultures. If you love dancing then you should try a large size peacock tattoo design on your back shoulder or chest.
beautiful tattoos for girls

36. If you love space, science and technology then you should opt for geek or nerd tattoos and there would be no better choice than a solar system tattoo design like this.
tattoos for girls on shoulder

37. Flower tattoos are most popular tattoos among girls but placement matter a lot for flower tattoos. If you wish to have a unique flower tattoo then try a rose tattoo design on spine like this.
tattoos for girls on spine

38. You might wish to have a quote tattoo or a bible verse tattoo design on your body. You must know that if you opt for a long quote then it will look amazing on back only.
quote tattoos for girls

39. Full back tattoos for girls are not recommended but if you wish to have a back tattoo design then you should try a long tattoo that run across your spine like this. You can have a vertical quote tattoo too.
quotes tattoos for girls

40. One of the most popular finger tattoo idea for girls is to try ring tattoos. If you do not want to have a ring tattoo on your finger then try bow tattoo design like this.
finger tattoos for girls