195+ Best Tattoos For Girls With Meaning (2018)

Side Tattoos For Girls

21. A unique and very meaningful tattoo idea for girl would be to try phoenix feather tattoo design behind the ear. It will represent rebirth and start of new life.(American traditional tattoos on sleeve)
simple tattoos for girls

22. Most girls like to have quote tattooed on their body. I would recommend them to try quote tattoos for girls on forearm but remember it should be meaningful and beautiful.
roses tattoos for girls

23. Not many girls opt for spine tattoos but if you want a wonderful backbone tattoo design then one of the most recommended ideas is to try dreamcatcher tattoo on spine.
back tattoos for girls

24. Geisha tattoos are usually opted by boys but if you are attracted to Japanese tattoos then there would be no better design than a geisha tattoo.
tattoos designs for girls

25. Only h@rdcore tattoo loving girls opt for tattoos on lips. You might not want to try a tattoo on lip but how about trying a lip tattoo design on wrist?
arm tattoos for girls

26. Disney princesses are adored by almost all girls around the world. You can get tattooed with your favourite Disney princess and the best place to have them is either chest or upper arm.
sleeve tattoos for girls

27. Yin yang tattoos are meaningful for both boys and girl. One very impressive women tattoo idea is to try yin yang tattoo using koi fish. Here is a koi fish tattoo design in the style of yin yang.
shoulder tattoos for girls

28. If you wish to have a tattoo design that represent strength, bravery and confidence then there is no better option than a hamsa tattoo design. Girls can try hamsa tattoo design on stomach or lower back.
tattoos for girls on hand

29. Finger tattoos are admired by girls but they often get confused to pick up the right design. Here is a micro stag tattoo design on the knuckle of this woman.
hand tattoos for girls

30. Girls often get inked with the name of their boyfriend on their body. Even though getting tattooed with your boyfriend name on your forehead would be one of the dumbest tattoo ideas yet this doesn’t mean you cannot get tattooed with your lover name. One good idea would be getting your boyfriend name tattooed on your wrist along with a heart tattoo design.
tattoos for girls on wrist