50 Best Sleeve Tattoos For Men and Women (2018)

Sleeve Tattoos For Women

21. God tattoos are mostly recommended for chest but you can also have them on sleeves.(Sport bike tattoos for guys)
sleeve tattoos design

22. If you are a patriotic person then you can try a national animal or bird tattoo design on sleeve such as this bald eagle tattoo looks majestic.
eagle sleeve tattoos

23. If you know an experienced tattoo artist then you should ask him to ink a complex tattoo design on sleeve just like this.
womens half sleeve tattoos

24. Elephant are huge animals and that is why you can try them on sleeves or on chest.
elephant sleeve tattoos

25. If you are music loving person then you should try musical notes on sleeves. In fact a musical symphony would look amazing.
music sleeve tattoos

26. Medieval warriors used to wear extra strong armours. You can have a sleeve tattoo design inspired from their armours.
sleeve tattoos for guys

27. Instead of inking your whole arm with tattoos you can opt for a design that occupy less space on sleeves.
girl with sleeve tattoos

28. Sleeves and back shoulder are best angel wings tattoos. Here are angel wings tattoos on the sleeves of this boy.
sleeve tattoos for men

29. Fish tattoos also look good on sleeves but you should opt for koi fish as they are amazingly beautiful.
sleeve tattoos for women

30. Flying birds are among popular tattoo design. While many people opt for two or three flying birds on chest, back or foot, I would recommend you to have a dozen flying birds inked on your sleeves.
forearm sleeve tattoos