50 Best Sleeve Tattoos For Men and Women (2018)

Sleeve Tattoos For Men

11. You can also try quote tattoo design on sleeve but the problem is that long quote will look ugly and short quotes won’t cover up whole sleeve. The solution is that you can have a simple design added to your quote tattoo.(Aztec armband tattoos meaning)
animal sleeve tattoos

12. Many boys love to have girl portrait tattoo designs and the most amazing style would be one that starts from the top shoulder and covers the whole sleeve.
angel sleeve tattoos

13. Many people get attracted to tribal sleeve tattoo design and the most popular among them are Egyptian sleeve tattoos and maori sleeve tattoos.
aztec sleeve tattoos

14. Girls can use Henna or Mehandi for sleeve tattoo designs. They are good for temporary tattoos and they are eco-friendly too.
traditional sleeve tattoos

15. Instead of going for upper half sleeve tattoo you can try lower half sleeve tattoo design. It will look good if you have thick forearms.
arm sleeve tattoos

16. This is a small snake sleeve tattoo but a good idea would be to have a big snake (Ananconda or Python) tattoo inked on the sleeves.
sleeve tattoos black and white

17. The four horsemen of Apocalypse are not very popular in tattoo community but if you admire them then sleeve is best place to have them.
awesome sleeve tattoos

18. Cross tattoos are popular but they are not opted for sleeve tattoos. Only an experienced tattoo artist can make cross sleeve tattoos.
christian tattoos sleeve

19. It is rarely that a person get sleeve tattoo on just one sleeve. Most sleeve tattoo are for both sleeves.
floral sleeve tattoos

20. You can ink your sleeve in a pattern that it looks like a skin of a particular animal such as snake or leopard.
men tattoos sleeve