50 Gorgeous Rose Tattoos Designs and Ideas (2018)

Rose Tattoos Designs

41. If you wish to have rose tattoo on thigh then I strongly suggest you to try it on the side of thigh because it will look $exy.(Small inner bicep tattoos)
rose thigh tattoos

42. Rose vine tattoos cannot be placed on just any part of body. You can either try it on back or on chest. A unique idea would be to try it on upper shoulder like this.
rose vine tattoos

43. People often dedicate rose tattoos to their loved ones. So it is common to add their names. I would suggest you to add it across the stem.
rose with names tattoos

44. Many artists do not show thorns in rose tattoos. But they have a deep meaning therefore you should have a rose thorns tattoo instead of rose petal tattoo.
rose with thorns tattoos

45. My favourite place to have rose tattoo is wrist. If you are confused about the tattoo placement then go for a rose tattoo on wrist and you will never regret it.
rose wrist tattoos

Traditional Rose Tattoos

46. Instead of opting for complicated rose tattoos I would suggest you to try simple rose tattoos and they should be tried in small size.
simple rose tattoos

47. Skull and rose tattoos are especially popular among heavy metal music lovers. So an addition that you can make to such tattoos is to either add a headphone or a gun.
skull and rose tattoos

48. Tiny and minimal tattoos are always attractive. This tiny version of rose tattoo is surely going to raise a lot of eyebrows.
small rose tattoos

49. If you do not want to try anything new then you are always welcome to try traditional rose tattoo designs like this.
traditional rose tattoos

50. Many couples like to have matching two rose tattoos. However the placement of these tattoos matters a lot.
two rose tattoos

Which rose tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?