50 Gorgeous Rose Tattoos Designs and Ideas (2017)

Rose is the king of flowers and therefore rose tattoos have huge popularity among tattoo lovers. While there are many rose tattoo ideas still people get confused and end up with a weird and sometimes ugly look rose tattoo. Here we have selected 50 amazing rose tattoos for men and women

Rose Tattoos Ideas

1. Rose flower tattoos look even more beautiful with leaves. I would suggest you to try the watercolor version if you are looking for a temporary tattoo.
rose flowers tattoos

2. A good idea would be to try rose white ink tattoo or even better you can go for rose gold tattoo. Golden rose tattoos are not common and therefore they should be given preference.
rose gold tattoos

3. If you want a long lasting tattoo design then opt for black and grey rose tattoos. They will not fade away easily and you will surely fall in love with them after they heal.
black and grey rose tattoos

4. You can ask the artist to give your tattoo even more attractive look by using just black and white combination. Here is a black and white rose tattoo on the arm of this guy.
black and white rose tattoos

5. One beautiful fact about roses is that they come in different colors with each colroed rose holding a unique meaning. Black rose tattoos are popular in particular and here is how beautiful they look tattooed.
black rose tattoos

6. Usually people opt for one rose tattoo but if you want a large size design then one rose will look odd. You can go for rose vine tattoo and that will look perfect on back.
blue rose tattoos meaning

7. Rose is considered as a symbol of love by many people. So it is obvious that rose is often related with heart. A cool idea would be to try rose and heart mix up tattoo just like this.
hearts and rose tattoos

8. Artist often ignores one beautiful part of rose and that is stem. I particularly love long stemmed rose tattoos and if you too like them then here is a design for you.
long stemmed rose tattoos

9. Many consider rose to be feminine tattoo but this does not stop men from getting tattooed with this beautiful flower. I would suggest males to try a large size red rose tattoo dedicated to their lady love.
male rose tattoos

10. Most of my male clients ask for those rose tattoos that show masculinity. A cool masculine rose tattoo idea would be to add a hand with the rose tattoo as shown in this image.
masculine rose tattoos

Small Rose Tattoos

11. In my opinion the prettiest rose tattoos are those that can suit any girl or boy and are medium in size. Here is a rose tattoo behind the ear of this girl that will suit anybody.
pretty rose tattoos

12. One tough task for an artist would be to ink a realistic rose tattoo. Most artists try to give 3D impression so that it look real but placement plays a vital role to give realism.
realistic rose tattoos

13. If you are in navy or any of your loved one is in navy then you can dedicate them a beautiful rose tattoo added with an anchor tattoo. Here is an amazing design of this mix up.
rose and anchor tattoos

14. Rose and clock tattoo hold a deep meaning. They represent that time always move forwards and death is inevitable. In short such design suggests us to find beauty in death.
rose and clock tattoos

15. Adding a pearl to your tattoo designs will not only make them more beautiful but also will give a unique meaning. It will tell that beauty cannot be caged.
rose and pearl tattoos

16. This rose and vine tattoo design was clicked after it healed. It was made using solid black thick ink and that is why It will last longer than usual.
rose and vines tattoos

17. Rose compass tattoos are usually preferred by those who are in navy or often sail across the seas. This is a symbolism of hope and positivity.
rose compass tattoos

18. For girls I would strongly suggest to try rose designs as cover up tattoos because they amazingly cover up the flaws. Here this picture is perfect example of it.
rose cover up tattoos

19. You can add letters and numbers in your rose tattoo too. One perfect example is to replace name initials in rose stem.
rose designs tattoos

20. There are many drawings and sketches of rose available online that you can choose from. I highly recommend rose drawings available on deviantart.
rose drawings tattoos

Rose Tattoos For Men

21. Even though I suggest my clients to try rose tattoos on upper part of body but there are still many people who like to have rose tattoos on leg. For them here is a design to try.
rose leg tattoos

22. There are many guys and girls who have tattoos that denotes breakup. One commonly tried design is to show the rose tattoo with falling petals just like this.
rose petals tattoos

23. If you wish to have a sleeve tattoo of rose then I would suggest you to have at least 3 rose tattoos just like this.
rose sleeve tattoos

24. One good design would be to try a small size Rose tattoo and that too on the visible part of body. Such tattoos would look good on wrist or neck.
rose tattoos designs

25. Flash rose tattoos are rarely tried but if you try them then I would suggest to try blue color because it looks most attractive of all.
rose tattoos flash

26. If you want to have a rose tattoo that signifies good luck then I would suggest you to add dreamcatcher design to it.
rose tattoos for girls

27. One movie inspired rose tattoo design is to try rose tattoo on fingers but it will not suit on people with thin fingers. Therefore I would suggest you to try them on thumb like this.
rose tattoos for men

28. If you do not have any tattoo on back then the best design that you can try is rose tattoo across the spine. Here is a rose tattoo on the backbone of this woman and it is dedicated to family.
rose tattoos for women

29. You can make your rose tattoo design even more impressive by adding vibrant colors to it. Here the artist beautifully added black and yellow colors to it.
rose tattoos images

30. Rose tattoos are among those rare tattoo designs that will look beautiful as half sleeve tattoos. The plus point is that a person can try them on both half sleeves and it still will look amazing.
rose tattoos on arm

Rose Tattoos For Women

31. Rose tattoos are good choice for memorial tattoos. Here this guy dedicated a rose tattoo on chest to his wife.
rose tattoos on chest

32. It is hard to ink a perfect rose tattoo on foot because the shape of foot doesn’t allow so. However you can try an offbeat design like this.
rose tattoos on foot

33. If your rose tattoo design starts fading away then you can add extra designs like stem and leaves to it to make it more attractive.
rose tattoos on forearm

34. There are very few tattoo designs that looks good on hand. One perfect choice is rose tattoo. Here is an amazing rose tattoo on the hand of this boy.
rose tattoos on hand

35. Personally I admire rose tattoos on back neck (especially on girls) but one can also try side neck rose tattoos as show in this image.
rose tattoos on neck

36. The petals of the rose tattoos can be inked in such way that they give an illusion of a face. You can ask the artist to show the face of your love in rose petals.
rose tattoos on shoulder

37. Rib cage is often ignored for rose tattoos but in my opinion it is a great place to try floral tattoos. If you opt for a rose tattoo on side rib cage then please have it in medium to large size.
rose tattoos on side

38. Outline tattoos are not universally popular but they still have a dedicated fan following. Here is a rose outline tattoo for you to consider.
rose tattoos outline

39. Couples can have matching rose tattoos and a unique style would be to try rose sun and moon tattoos as shown here.
rose tattoos sketches

40. Three types of roses are very popular – Yellow rose, red rose and black rose. One often neglected rose is pink rose and therefore it makes a unique tattoo option.
rose tattoos

Rose Tattoos Designs

41. If you wish to have rose tattoo on thigh then I strongly suggest you to try it on the side of thigh because it will look $exy.
rose thigh tattoos

42. Rose vine tattoos cannot be placed on just any part of body. You can either try it on back or on chest. A unique idea would be to try it on upper shoulder like this.
rose vine tattoos

43. People often dedicate rose tattoos to their loved ones. So it is common to add their names. I would suggest you to add it across the stem.
rose with names tattoos

44. Many artists do not show thorns in rose tattoos. But they have a deep meaning therefore you should have a rose thorns tattoo instead of rose petal tattoo.
rose with thorns tattoos

45. My favourite place to have rose tattoo is wrist. If you are confused about the tattoo placement then go for a rose tattoo on wrist and you will never regret it.
rose wrist tattoos

Traditional Rose Tattoos

46. Instead of opting for complicated rose tattoos I would suggest you to try simple rose tattoos and they should be tried in small size.
simple rose tattoos

47. Skull and rose tattoos are especially popular among heavy metal music lovers. So an addition that you can make to such tattoos is to either add a headphone or a gun.
skull and rose tattoos

48. Tiny and minimal tattoos are always attractive. This tiny version of rose tattoo is surely going to raise a lot of eyebrows.
small rose tattoos

49. If you do not want to try anything new then you are always welcome to try traditional rose tattoo designs like this.
traditional rose tattoos

50. Many couples like to have matching two rose tattoos. However the placement of these tattoos matters a lot.
two rose tattoos

Which rose tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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