50 Gorgeous Rose Tattoos Designs and Ideas (2018)

Rose Tattoos For Women

31. Rose tattoos are good choice for memorial tattoos. Here this guy dedicated a rose tattoo on chest to his wife.(Delicate spine tattoos)
rose tattoos on chest

32. It is hard to ink a perfect rose tattoo on foot because the shape of foot doesn’t allow so. However you can try an offbeat design like this.
rose tattoos on foot

33. If your rose tattoo design starts fading away then you can add extra designs like stem and leaves to it to make it more attractive.
rose tattoos on forearm

34. There are very few tattoo designs that looks good on hand. One perfect choice is rose tattoo. Here is an amazing rose tattoo on the hand of this boy.
rose tattoos on hand

35. Personally I admire rose tattoos on back neck (especially on girls) but one can also try side neck rose tattoos as show in this image.
rose tattoos on neck

36. The petals of the rose tattoos can be inked in such way that they give an illusion of a face. You can ask the artist to show the face of your love in rose petals.
rose tattoos on shoulder

37. Rib cage is often ignored for rose tattoos but in my opinion it is a great place to try floral tattoos. If you opt for a rose tattoo on side rib cage then please have it in medium to large size.
rose tattoos on side

38. Outline tattoos are not universally popular but they still have a dedicated fan following. Here is a rose outline tattoo for you to consider.
rose tattoos outline

39. Couples can have matching rose tattoos and a unique style would be to try rose sun and moon tattoos as shown here.
rose tattoos sketches

40. Three types of roses are very popular – Yellow rose, red rose and black rose. One often neglected rose is pink rose and therefore it makes a unique tattoo option.
rose tattoos