50 Stunning Geometric Tattoos Designs and Ideas (2018)

Geometric Tattoos For Women

11. Is it a pup or a polar bear or mix up of both? This geometric animal tattoo could be improved.(Mother daughter symbol tattoos)
geometric tattoos for guys

12. If you have a weird tattoo inked on your body and you are afraid to show it then add some geometrical symbols around it and viewers will get distracted.
geometric triangle tattoos

13. The positioning of this elephant tattoo design surely deserves praise. Any other part would have not justified this beautiful tattoo.
geometric elephant tattoos

14. If you are health enthusiast then I am sure that you will admire this dumbbell tattoo design on forearm.
geometric design tattoos

15. Geometrical tattoo design can also be worn by couples. For this you have to choose a matching geometrical symbol.
geometric wrist tattoos

16. This is how a heart tattoo design will look like. I know many might not accept this tattoo but if you go by science then this how a heart look like.
geometric style tattoos

17. If you want a small size geometric tattoo then you should not just opt for single type of shape. Here is a small geometric horse tattoo.
geometric neck tattoos

18. You can also try a simple animal tattoo design and then add some geometric shapes to it like this.
geometric half sleeve tattoos

19. Circular tattoo designs are hard to make because you have to make it with perfection.
geometric mandala tattoos

20. The first lesson of art is that you can make any portrait, animal or scenery just using geometric shapes.
geometric tattoos meaning