50 Stunning Geometric Tattoos Designs and Ideas 2017

One of the easiest tattoo designs that you can try is the Geometric tattoo designs. Although there are many geometric tattoos that can only be made by an experienced tattoo artist but most of them are easy to make designs. If you are a tattoo artist who is learning designing tattoos then you should start from easy geometrical shapes. Here we have chosen 50 amazing geometric tattoos for men and women

Geometric Tattoos For Men

1. This geometric tattoo is inspired from Indian rangoli designs. In my opinion just one design was enough.
geometric tattoos designs

2. Geometric tattoos are not limited to just mathematical symbols and signs. In fact a clever tattoo artist can make any kind of design using geometric shapes.
best geometric tattoos

3. Geometric shapes can also be included in a portrait tattoo design such as this.
colorful geometric tattoos

4. If you really want a very simple geometric tattoo then I think you should try this beautiful cube tattoo design.
simple geometric tattoos

5. Geometric symmetry is in every part of nature. Here is a perfect flower tattoo design in exact geometric shapes.
geometric flower tattoos

6. Can you guess which tattoo design is this? It is an arrow tattoo design with geometric shapes such as circles, triangles, pyramids and arcs.
geometric arrow tattoos

7. Such tattoo design are also called as minimalist tattoo design due to the minimal use of ink and space.
geometric animal tattoos

8. Geometric tattoo design can also be inked on the lower part of body such as thighs and calves.
geometric butterfly tattoos

9. According to science a perfectly beautiful face is one that is in proper geometrical shape. Here is how a perfect cat would look like.
geometric cat tattoos

10. The most popular geometrical sign is the triangle tattoo. This is because it is easy to make and can be added to any design.
mens geometric tattoos

Geometric Tattoos For Women

11. Is it a pup or a polar bear or mix up of both? This geometric animal tattoo could be improved.
geometric tattoos for guys

12. If you have a weird tattoo inked on your body and you are afraid to show it then add some geometrical symbols around it and viewers will get distracted.
geometric triangle tattoos

13. The positioning of this elephant tattoo design surely deserves praise. Any other part would have not justified this beautiful tattoo.
geometric elephant tattoos

14. If you are health enthusiast then I am sure that you will admire this dumbbell tattoo design on forearm.
geometric design tattoos

15. Geometrical tattoo design can also be worn by couples. For this you have to choose a matching geometrical symbol.
geometric wrist tattoos

16. This is how a heart tattoo design will look like. I know many might not accept this tattoo but if you go by science then this how a heart look like.
geometric style tattoos

17. If you want a small size geometric tattoo then you should not just opt for single type of shape. Here is a small geometric horse tattoo.
geometric neck tattoos

18. You can also try a simple animal tattoo design and then add some geometric shapes to it like this.
geometric half sleeve tattoos

19. Circular tattoo designs are hard to make because you have to make it with perfection.
geometric mandala tattoos

20. The first lesson of art is that you can make any portrait, animal or scenery just using geometric shapes.
geometric tattoos meaning

Geometric Tattoos

21. Here is a landscape tattoo design with beautiful mountains. The mountain are in triangular shapes.
geometric mountain tattoos

22. Nature made fruits in different geometrical shapes and you can try any fruit tattoo.
tattoos geometric

23. Maths is the language of universe and every shape in the universe is in geometry. Here is a solar system tattoo design.
geometric space tattoos

24. Yin and Yang tattoo design are also good geometric tattoos. Here is one on the top shoulder.
cool geometric tattoos

25. This flower tattoo design is the best geometric tattoo design that you will ever see. In fact it is almost impossible for a newbie to make such tattoo.
geometric watercolor tattoos

26. Geometric tattoo design cannot be used as good cover up tattoos because they occupy less space. However a geometrical animal tattoo can be used as cover up tattoos.
black geometric tattoos

27. No, this is not an alien skull but in fact a proper skull tattoo design according to science.
geometric skull tattoos

28. Sun and Moon tattoos have a very special meaning and they can be worn by brothers, sisters or even couples.
geometric moon tattoos

29. A 3D tattoo design in symmetry can be very hard to make but an expert tattoo artist can surely give it a try.
traditional geometric flower tattoos

30. This beautiful wolf tattoo design is a mix up of wolf face tattoo and several geometric symbols.
3d geometric tattoos

Simple Geometric Tattoos

31. I don’t think you will find any other geometric tattoo design better than this one on the shoulder of this girl.
geometric tattoos sleeve

32. If you want small, tiny and subtle tattoo design then I would suggest you to go for small geometrical shapes like this.
minimalist geometric tattoos

33. Sites like Pinterest and Tumblr are full of Geometric tattoos and here is one that we picked up from these sites.
geometric back tattoos

34. This stag tattoo design is made from a sniper’s point of view. I think only hunters will like this design.
geometric chest tattoos

35. The easiest way to learn and try geometric tattoos is to make them using henna or mehandi.
geometric foot tattoos

36. Geometric tattoos like this will wear off and fade away easily. Therefore you must use a dark ink.
geometric forearm tattoos

37. I would never suggest any one to have such large geometric tattoo design and that too on full back.
geometric spine tattoos

38. One beauty of geometric tattoos is that you try illusion designs like this with them.
geometric hand tattoos

39. This one rangoli design is very popular because if you look at the centre of such design you will feel like the whole tattoo is circulating.
geometric leg tattoos

40. Thigh is probably the best place to get a circular tattoo because it provide perfect alignment and space for it.
geometric thigh tattoos

Geometric Pattern Tattoos

41. The Rock made such tattoo designs very popular because they fall on both shoulder and chest.
geometric patterns tattoos

42. This is a mix up tattoo design of a giraffe and flowers. The tattoo artist added various flowers in style to make it look like a giraffe.
geometric tattoos

43. I don’t know why the tattoo artist chose such whale design. Probably it is an extinct species of the sperm whales.
geometric arm tattoos

44. The most popular animal design made in the shape of geometrical symbols is the wolf tattoo design.
geometric wolf tattoos

45. A Chandelier tattoo design will be very unique and especially if It is made real looking.
geometric sleeve tattoos

46. Here is a unique style of arrow tattoo design that uses too many bows and arcs on it.
geometric line tattoos

47. You can also give try to weird geometrical shapes that keep the viewer thinking and guessing about.
small geometric tattoos

48. The faces on this sun and moon tattoo design are really impressive but I would have avoided them.
simple geometric circle tattoos

49. New tattoo artists should start their tattoo designing from geometrical tattoos.
geometric tribal tattoos

50. If you are a video game lover then I don’t think there is any better tattoo design for you.
geometric tattoos for men

So which geometric tattoo design you liked the most?

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