50 Dragon Tattoos Inspired from Different Cultures (2018)

Small Dragon Tattoos

31. Leg is an uncommon place for dragon tattoos. But if you wish to have one on leg then try a unique tattoo. Try a green or yellow or even pink dragon tattoo on leg.(Unique small tattoos on wrist)
dragon tattoos on legs

32. Girls should prefer dragon tattoo on rib cage because it look so $exy. Try a sea dragon tattoo on rib and you won’t be disappointed by the result.
dragon tattoos on rib

33. What would be more beautiful than witnessing a dragon taking a flight? Why not try a similar tattoo design? Shoulder is the best place to have it.
dragon tattoos on shoulder

34. Side posing dragon tattoos are my favourite. They give the artist more focus. The end result is as beautiful as this.
dragon tattoos pic

35. Some women ask for temporary dragon tattoos? Try such tattoos on thigh. In fact you can opt for a watercolour dragon tattoo on thigh and see how it looks.
dragon thigh tattoos

36. One unique idea would be to try dragon wing tattoos. You don’t have to show the dragon. Just get tattooed with dragon wings on your back. You are the Dragon Now.
dragon wing tattoos

37. Yin yang is important part of Chinese culture. Dragons are important part of Chinese culture. So why not try a dragon yin yang tattoo? It will show the perfect balance of good and evil in life.
dragon yin yang tattoos

38. Different cultures portray different type of dragons. Some seems to be inspired from dinosaurs. Here is a unique dragon tattoo on forearm.
forearm dragon tattoos

39. Japanese dragon tattoos looks more like sea serpents. They have beard around their face and hairs on their back.
japanese dragon tattoos

40. Here is one interesting medieval dragon tattoo that has small forelegs and large hind legs.
medieval dragon tattoos