50 Dragon Tattoos Inspired from Different Cultures (2017)

Dragon tattoos are among the top ten most popular tattoo designs. Dragons are mythical creatures that have been mentioned in various cultures across the globe throughout centuries. Did they really exist? Or were they part or pure imagination? People might have stumbled across bones of dinosaurs in ancient times and mistook them as dragons.

Anyways various cultures depict various kinds of dragons. Some show them fierce creatures who breathe fires. While other cultures like Chinese and Japanese consider them good omen. Some show them with wings while other shows them as elongated sea serpents.

As there are so many different depiction of dragons therefore one often get confuse to pick up the right kind of dragon tattoo for themselves.

Here we present you 50 amazing tattoos of dragons inspired from cultures of various parts of the world –

Japanese Dragon Tattoos

1. 3D dragon tattoos are hard to do can only be pulled off by an experienced tattoo artist. I would recommend you to try the 3D version of dragon tattoos on back or chest.
3d dragon tattoos

2. Many culture defined their own versions of Dragons. If you come across the drawings of Aztec dragons, you will find them fascinating too. Here is an Aztec dragon tattoo on the upper arm of this guy.
aztec dragon tattoos

3. The birth of Daenerys dragons in game of thrones gave rise to the popularity of baby dragon tattoos. You can also try some baby dragon tattoos and here is one inspired from CN animated series.
baby dragon tattoos

4. In my opinion the best dragon tattoos would be those that show the fierce side of dragons. Also they should show the age as dragons supposedly lives for 1000 years.
best dragon tattoos

5. Many people like to have colourful dragon tattoos. Of all such colors Blue dragon tattoos are very popular. Here is a cool blue dragon tattoo on the bicep of this guy.
blue dragon tattoos

6. Celtic art has given unique perceptions of every other art form in the world. Here is a celtic dragon tattoo on the chest of this guy that will obviously grab eyes due to its unique design.
celtic dragon tattoos

7. It might get hard for many people to distinguish between Chinese and Japanese dragons. If you want to have Chinese dragon tattoo then go for a wing less creature and have it in red color.
chinese dragon tattoos

8. Tribal dragon tattoos are coolest in my opinion. In fact the tribal tattoo art gained popularity in recent times due to its unique take on dragon and other animal tattoos.
cool dragon tattoos

9. Many girls ask for cute dragon tattoos and in my opinion such dragon tattoos are hard to do. Why? Because every tattoo artist knows that dragon tattoos look better in their fierce style.
cute dragon tattoos

10. Dragon tattoos are often mixed up with other tattoo designs to give a unique tattoo. Dragon lives for thousands of years. Phoenix takes birth again from its ashes. So how about a dragon and phoenix tattoo?
dragon and pheonix tattoos

Chinese Dragon Tattoos

11. As I said it is common practice to mix dragon tattoos with other animal tattoos. Another such popular combination is dragon and tiger tattoos. Here is the perfect version of this combination.
dragon and tiger tattoos

12. Chinese dragons are larger in size so they will look good only on chest or back. While I prefer chest for them but dragon back tattoos are also very popular.
dragon back tattoos

13. If you are asked to have only just one tattoo in your life then try a dragon tattoo on Chest with its tail expanding up to the back. You will never regret this tattoo design.
dragon chest tattoos

14. Many of clients often ask for dragon face tattoos. It is like asking for a horn when you can have the whole car. Instead of face tattoo of dragon you can have small size dragon tattoos.
dragon faces tattoos

15. But still if you are interested in dragon head tattoo then here is how it will look like. Do you think it looks good without its body?
dragon heads tattoos

16. Dragon tattoos can be made more meaningful by showing them in a unique style. For example you can try dragon heart tattoos where two or more dragons are aligned in the shape of heart. Such tattoos would suit couples.
dragon heart tattoos

17. Girls can add flowers to their dragon tattoo designs. My favourite choice is dragon rose tattoos and the rose can be of any color.
dragon rose tattoos

18. Have you ever tried Dragon Scale tattoos? They look majestic if done properly. In fact many people will stop you just to ask about your tattoo.
dragon scales tattoos

19. Another popular variation that many tattoo artist love is dragon skull tattoos. You can either have a whole dragon skeleton tattoo or show a dragon skull in your tattoo design.
dragon skulls tattoos

20. Dragon tattoos are perfect choice for sleeves. You don’t have to opt for a large dragon on your sleeves. You can try a small size tribal dragon sleeve tattoo like this.
dragon sleeve tattoos

Medieval Dragon Tattoos

21. Many artists also like to mix dragon tattoos with sacred symbols. If you consider any symbol lucky for you than a cool dragon tattoo design would be to ink the dragon in the shape of the symbol.
dragon tattoos designs

22. As dragons are pop culture elements since the dawn of man-kind so you will find millions of dragon drawings across the globe. You can use such dragon drawings for your tattoo.
dragon tattoos drawings

23. Dragon wings are often ignored but honestly they deserve a highlight in dragon tattoo. So be sure to ask your artist for majestic dragon wings like this.
dragon tattoos for men

24. I find tribal tattoos more attractive on women then on men. A unique style would be to try tribal dragon tattoo on spine or back.
dragon tattoos for women

25. Confused between Chinese dragon and Japanese dragon? A cool dragon tattoo idea would be to try both designs.
dragon tattoos ideas

26. Tribal dragon tattoos often ignore dragon eyes. You can make your tribal dragon tattoo even more impressive by improving its eye design.
dragon tattoos image

27. The way you show your dragon tattoo will tell a lot about its meaning. For example if you show a baby dragon tattoo then you are conveying message that you are strong willed but still a baby at heart.
dragon tattoos meanings

28. One unique part to try dragon tattoos is ankle. Women often ask for dragon tattoos on ankle and here is how they would look like.
dragon tattoos on ankle

29. Another interesting dragon tattoo idea would be to show a dragon crawling over your arm. For this you have to show dragon paws with long pointed nails.
dragon tattoos on arms

30. Medieval dragon tattoos are also very popular. Try dragon tattoos inspired from ancient greek culture or roman culture.
dragon tattoos on back

Small Dragon Tattoos

31. Leg is an uncommon place for dragon tattoos. But if you wish to have one on leg then try a unique tattoo. Try a green or yellow or even pink dragon tattoo on leg.
dragon tattoos on legs

32. Girls should prefer dragon tattoo on rib cage because it look so $exy. Try a sea dragon tattoo on rib and you won’t be disappointed by the result.
dragon tattoos on rib

33. What would be more beautiful than witnessing a dragon taking a flight? Why not try a similar tattoo design? Shoulder is the best place to have it.
dragon tattoos on shoulder

34. Side posing dragon tattoos are my favourite. They give the artist more focus. The end result is as beautiful as this.
dragon tattoos pic

35. Some women ask for temporary dragon tattoos? Try such tattoos on thigh. In fact you can opt for a watercolour dragon tattoo on thigh and see how it looks.
dragon thigh tattoos

36. One unique idea would be to try dragon wing tattoos. You don’t have to show the dragon. Just get tattooed with dragon wings on your back. You are the Dragon Now.
dragon wing tattoos

37. Yin yang is important part of Chinese culture. Dragons are important part of Chinese culture. So why not try a dragon yin yang tattoo? It will show the perfect balance of good and evil in life.
dragon yin yang tattoos

38. Different cultures portray different type of dragons. Some seems to be inspired from dinosaurs. Here is a unique dragon tattoo on forearm.
forearm dragon tattoos

39. Japanese dragon tattoos looks more like sea serpents. They have beard around their face and hairs on their back.
japanese dragon tattoos

40. Here is one interesting medieval dragon tattoo that has small forelegs and large hind legs.
medieval dragon tattoos

Tribal Dragon Tattoos

41. The best thing about tribal dragon tattoos is that they leave most to your imagination. The artist often leaves spaces with in the tattoo thus giving a unique look to it.
pictures of dragon tattoos

42. Instead of trying a dragon tattoo in just one color you can give different colors to its body parts. For example you can have the body of dragon in light color and the wings of dragon in dark color.
rising dragon tattoos

43. Many people like to try sea dragon tattoo in place of real dragon. So if you are looking for seadragon tattoo here is how it would look like.
sea dragon tattoos

44. You don’t have to go for large dragon tattoos. Tiny dragon tattoos like this will also look good. You can try them on wrist or fingers.
simple dragon tattoos

45. Back shoulder is favourite of many boys and girls to try dragon tattoos. A tribal dragon tattoo would look good on back shoulder.
small dragon tattoos

46. If you opt for tribal dragon tattoo then I would suggest you to make it even more attractive by adding another ink on the outlines. Red ink suits the most in such designs.
tattoos dragon

47. A unique dragon tattoo idea would be to try a tribal design in the shape of alphabet. The alphabet should be your name initial. For example here is a dragon tattoo in shape of letter S.
tribal dragon tattoos

48. There are many movies, anime and cartoons that showed different kind of dragons. One of my favourite is water dragon tattoos. They look better if given shiny colors.
water dragon tattoos

49. You will be amazed by the look of watercolour dragon tattoos or pastel dragon tattoos. Even though they will fade away soon yet they will leave a long lasting impression.
watercolor dragon tattoos

50. Side posing dragon tattoos will look great on one side of body. For example here is a side posing dragon tattoo on the side of rib cage of this girl.
woman dragon tattoos

Which Dragon tattoos from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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