50 Matching Best Friend Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2017)

It is common among with people with mutual understanding to have similar tattoos. In fact many best friends love to have a tattoo design that is meaningful and special for both of them. It doesn’t matter if your best friend is a girl or boy but if you have a special bond with a special someone then it would be cool idea to ink the relationship. Here we have selected 50 coolest best friend tattoos for men and women –

Best Friend Tattoos Ideas And Designs

1. The most common Best Friend tattoo design is probably the word itself. Choose a beautiful font in right size and you will love your Best Friends Tattoo design.
best friend tattoos

2. You can choose a unique sign or symbol that is meaningful to you both and you can have it on any part of your body but in my opinion you should have it on visible part of body.
creative best friend tattoos

3. Sun and Moon tattoos are popular among couples but if your friendship is strong enough and is beyond limitations then you should go for it.
best friend neck tattoos

4. Fight and issues are important part of every relationship. So you should pick a tattoo that would help you survive tough times of your friendship and help you understand the beauty of your friendship with your best friend.
best friend heart tattoos

5. Another popular choice for best friend tattoo is a broken symbol. You can have one half of any symbol inked on your body and the other half would be inked on your best friend. The tattoo would be complete when you join the half tattoos inked separately on your body parts.
best friend hand tattoos

6. You can also have matching tattoos and the most perfect choice would be a heart tattoo design.
best friend tattoos for girls

7. For girls I would suggest to have matching flower tattoo designs on their shoulder or wrist just like this.
best friend flower tattoos

8. You can also divide the word BEST FRIENDS in two separate tattoos as shown in this picture.
best friend anchor tattoos

9. I think there would be no perfect best friend tattoo then a subtle, tiny matching tattoo design on wrist or neck.
best friend symbol tattoos

10. You can also ink your favourite quote for your best friend on your forearm or wrist.
best friend tattoos tumblr

Best Friend Tattoos For Men

11. Here is a smart tattoo design that signifies the importance of communication in friendship and relationships.
funny best friend tattoos

12. This is a classy best friend’s tattoo design that would look good on almost everyone.
best friend cousin tattoos

13. Buzz Lightyear and Woody shared a unique friendship in Disney movie series Toy Story. The quote ‘To the Infinity and beyond’ has a very special meaning.
best friend tattoos ideas

14. You can also use a sign of the activity that you do together with your best friend. Such as here is a Besties Tattoo design with Books, meaning the two friends love reading.
best friend name tattoos

15. Here is a beautiful quote ‘Always Together Never Apart. Maybe in Distance but Never at heart’. This tattoo design will perfectly suit any friendship.
cute best friend tattoos ideas

16. You can also ink initials of your best friend on your wrist or shoulder.
sister best friend tattoos

17. This variation of Best Friends Tattoo design is beautiful too but I think it will look better on forearms.
best friend memorial tattoos

18. King and Queen Tattoos can also be used in Best Friend Tattoos. You can either both have a King Crown tattoos or Queen Crown tattoos .
best friend lover tattoos

19. If you and your best friend are foodie than you can have beautiful food tattoos on your hand.
cute best friend tattoos

20. Even though this Sun and Moon tattoos could be made better but I think this imperfection shows the childish side of friendship.
best friend star tattoos

Best Friend Tattoos For Women

21. Best Friends take vows too and you can have them ink on your body as well.
female best friend tattoos

22. Friendship should be always and forever. You must remember that always.
best friend infinity tattoos

23. There is hardly anyone in this world who doesn’t like music. If you are music lover then you surely will love this music tattoo design.
girls best friend tattoos

24. If you found your best friend using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or instagram then you should ink their logo. It will be unique idea.
simple best friend tattoos

25. Friendship is life and your best friend is obviously your life line. You can show this feeling using a beautiful lifeline tattoo design.
male best friend tattoos

26. I do not understand the meaning of this fruit tattoo design but I guess this holds a special meaning between these two friends.
guy and girl best friend tattoos

27. Most people find the warmth and love in their friendship as it ages. If you are one among such person then here is a beautiful best friend tattoo idea for you.
best friend clock tattoos

28. Girls can decorate their sun and moon tattoo design with jewellery. It will give unique impression.
sun and moon best friend tattoos

29. If you consider your best friend to be as precious as diamond then there would be no better tattoo for you then a cute diamond tattoo.
tiny best friend tattoos

30. The red circle in this best friend tattoo does no hold any special meaning so you should not specifically try it.
best friend matching tattoos

Matching Best Friend Tattoos

31. If you choose butterfly tattoo design as your best friend tattoo then do not go for more than 2 butterflies.
best friend butterfly tattoos

32. You can also use words like ‘LOVE’ ‘HOPE’ or ‘FREEDOM’ (any feeling that you feel in when you are with your best friend)
tattoos for best friend

33. A cool idea would be to ink the year you found your best friend on your wrist or hand.
best friend wrist tattoos

34. Yin and Yang tattoo designs can also be tried in different colors.
amazing best friend tattoos

35. This beautiful best friend tattoo design is made of geometric shape in uneven style. It either represent an elephant or a diamond.
cool best friend tattoos

36. If you and your best friend love the freedom that the birds enjoy then you can try a beautiful bird couple tattoo design.
small best friend tattoos

37. Music is best friend of most people and it also connects people. Therefore a music symphony tattoo will be cool.
unique matching best friend tattoos

38. This tiny and cute heart tattoo design is a subtle reference to the deep friendship that these two people share.
best friend finger tattoos

39. Here is Best friend quote tattoo ‘I will Keep you W!ld’ and ‘I will Keep You Safe’.
tattoos to get with your best friend

40. Though this beautiful butterfly tattoo design for best friend would fade away soon but it is worth it.
best friend watercolor tattoos

Meaningful Best Friend Tattoos

41. Sun and Moon tattoo design are common so you should opt for sun and star tattoo design.
best friend arrow tattoos

42. Scissor tattoo design is actually very rare. What is the meaning of scissor tattoo? Probably it represents the never ending friendship.
unique best friend tattoos

43. Another beautiful quote tattoo design for best friend that shows how important friendship is.
best friend quote tattoos

44. If you and your best friend love mathematics then here is a meaningful tattoo of PI. PI is never ending number and so is friendship.
best friend chinese tattoos

45. Ribbon tattoo design will suit girls and if you have a girlfriend then this will suit you.
nerdy best friend tattoos

46. I do not understand why these girls chose this tattoo design but I liked it.
celtic best friend tattoos

47. If you and your best friend support wildlife conservation then this tattoo will suit you both.
best friend panda tattoos

48. Owl tattoo design would suit those best friends who are wise and understand each other.
best friend owl tattoos

49. This quote tattoo design for best friend has a very good placement. Even though I don’t admire foot tattoos but I personally liked this unique tattoo.
best friend foot tattoos

50. Girls like to have butterfly tattoo design so it would be nice idea to have half butterfly tattoo with the other half on your best friend’s body.
cute meaningful best friend tattoos

This was our gallery of best friend’s tattoos. Which one you liked the most?

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