50 Matching Best Friend Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2018)

Best Friend Tattoos For Men

11. Here is a smart tattoo design that signifies the importance of communication in friendship and relationships.(California outline tattoos)
funny best friend tattoos

12. This is a classy best friend’s tattoo design that would look good on almost everyone.
best friend cousin tattoos

13. Buzz Lightyear and Woody shared a unique friendship in Disney movie series Toy Story. The quote ‘To the Infinity and beyond’ has a very special meaning.
best friend tattoos ideas

14. You can also use a sign of the activity that you do together with your best friend. Such as here is a Besties Tattoo design with Books, meaning the two friends love reading.
best friend name tattoos

15. Here is a beautiful quote ‘Always Together Never Apart. Maybe in Distance but Never at heart’. This tattoo design will perfectly suit any friendship.
cute best friend tattoos ideas

16. You can also ink initials of your best friend on your wrist or shoulder.
sister best friend tattoos

17. This variation of Best Friends Tattoo design is beautiful too but I think it will look better on forearms.
best friend memorial tattoos

18. King and Queen Tattoos can also be used in Best Friend Tattoos. You can either both have a King Crown tattoos or Queen Crown tattoos .
best friend lover tattoos

19. If you and your best friend are foodie than you can have beautiful food tattoos on your hand.
cute best friend tattoos

20. Even though this Sun and Moon tattoos could be made better but I think this imperfection shows the childish side of friendship.
best friend star tattoos