75+ Post Malone Tattoos with Meanings (2024) including New Cool Hidden Tattoos of Rapper

Music Lovers often wonder about Post Malone tattoos. Austin Richard Post is better known by his rapper name Post Malone has a lot of Tattoos. The dude has his whole body inked with various designs. Even from a Rapper’s standard, Post Malone has way too many tattoos.

How Many Tattoos Does Post Malone Have?

Several media publications have covered that Post Malone has at least 80 tattoos but the number could be a lot more as the rapper has often said that he does not show all his body art out in public.

One may argue that tattoos should be meaningful as you are committing yourself to a body art form that is not only expensive but also permanent. However, in the case of Post Malone, many tattoos are inked either due to a temporary feeling he had or just to mess up with people.

Here we TRY to cover all the tattoos of Post Malone –

Post Malone Tattoos Designs

  1. Even the craziest fans of tattoo body art will think twice before getting a tattoo on the inside of their mouth. But Not Post Malone. He has a Patriarchal cross tattoo on his hard palate.

The tattoo does not hold any special meaning. It simply means that Post Malone respect his orthodox Christian roots. This tattoo is also called as cross of Lorraine tattoo.

1 Post Malone Ctross Tattoo Inside Mouth

2. Post Malone has a Barb Wire tattoo on his Forehead. Traditionally it is a strange body part to have a barb wire tattoo but interestingly this choice is due to a special reason. Post Malone has confessed on several occasions that he is suffering from mental illness which also makes him have negative thoughts for others. The barbed wire is to keep the thoughts on the inside only and not to let the bodywork on it.

2 Post Malone Barbed Wire Tattoo On Forehead

3. Upside Down Sword tattoo on Face – This was one of the earliest designs that Malone got inked on his body (and that too on face). He confessed that he wanted to annoy his mom so he got a face tattoo.

The Upside down design was also a thoughtful choice and not just a random design. An upside-down sword refers to relieving oneself from pain and suffering. This refers to his mental illness that he admitted on multiple occasions.

3. Sword Tattoo Upside Down

4. Ace Of Cards Tattoo on Forehead – Like All Hollywood celebrities, Malone has a bad habit of G@mbling. Many publications reported that Malone is one of the frequent guests of the big league c@sinos of Las Vegas. He further confirmed it by getting an ace of cards tattoo on his forehead.

This design not only shows his love for g@mbling but also indicates that he is an ace champion in his field.

4. Ace Of Spades Tattoo

5. Malone has a Nevermind tattoo on his right palm. Famous artist JonBoy designed this tattoo. The tattoo is an homage to the famous Nirvana album Nevermind. Post Malone considers Kurt Cobain as one of the greatest rock stars ever lived. He is also a huge fan of Dave Grohl.

5 Nevermind Tattoo On Hand

What Does Post Malone Face Tattoo Say?

6. Stay Away Tattoo on His Right Eyebrow – This tattoo is self-explanatory. The post got this design in early 2017. Malone considers himself an ugly person. When a fan asked about the particular choice of the words of this tattoo, Malone commented that he did not want to become a fake role model of anyone. He wants people to know that he has his flaws and not everything that he does needs to be followed by fans.

6. Stay Away Tattoo Above Eyebrow

7. Always Tired tattoo under his eyes – Another self-explanatory tattoo that Malone got was right under his eyes. One of his friends commented that Post is devoting too much time to creating music that his sleep schedule has worsened. This has resulted in dark circles under his eyes.

Malone found a cool way to deal with this as he got “Always Tired” Tattoo inked under his eyes.

7 Always Tired Tattoo Under Eyes

8. Gauntlet tattoo on face – It is hard to imagine that after so many tattoos on the face, Malone still got space to get a huge gauntlet tattoo design. The gauntlet is shown holding a spiked ball with a chain. There is no particular meaning behind this tattoo except that it shows the warrior spirit of Malone.

8 Bomb Tattoo On Chin

Post Malone Before and After Tattoos Pics

9. It is hard to imagine Post Malone without his trademark facial tattoos. He got inked with a cherry blossom tribal tattoo design on the right side of his face. Cherry blossoms are known to spread positivity so this design signifies positive vibes.

9 Cherry Blossom Tattoo On Right Face

10. Post Malone claimed in one interview that he has multiple Playboy bunny tattoos on his body. One that is easily visible is on his face.

10 Small Playboy Bunny On Face

Post Malone Forehead Tattoo

11. He has a small and simple heart tattoo behind his ear. This simple refers to the peace and love that he seeks in the world.

11 Heart Behind Ear

12 Post Malone added another tattoo on his facial tattoo portfolio – a Bloody Buzzsaw on his left cheek. This is another weird design with even weirder placement. Buzzsaw signifies only one thing that Post Malone doesn’t want himself to be taken lightly.

12 Sunflower Tattoo On Right Cheek

13. He has a Cow Skull Tattoo on his neck. This tattoo is perfectly placed as the horns align beautifully with the neck. A Cow Skull represents death and rebirth.

13 Bull Tattoo On Neck

14. World War 1 Soldier Tattoo on his right arm – Post got creative as he got inked with a baseball player (Probably Babe ruth) imagined as a world war, 1 soldier. This is to signify that war affects a lot of lives and we can overcome all our differences without the need for war.

14 Baseball Player Tattoo

15. XoXo Smiley Face Tattoo – He has a tiny XoXo smile face design inked on his right cheek. The design signifies that one should not take everything too seriously.

15 Emo Smiley Tattoo On Face

16. JFK Tattoo On his left Hand – Post paid tribute to great American president John F Kennedy by getting inked with portrait of him on his hand.

16 JFK Tattoo On Left Hand

17. Post has the word ‘Whatever’ inked on his left hand. This signifies that Post does not like living his life by other people’s rules.

17 Whatever Tattoo On Left Hand

18. Kurt Cobain Tattoo on his right forearm.

18 Guitarist Tattoo On Right Arm

When Did Post Malone Got his Face tattoo?

19. Playboy Bunny tattoo on his left forearm is the very first tattoo that Post Malone got inked with in late 2016. However, the tattoo was bruised by Justin Bieber during a basketball game. This inspired Malone to get tattoo on a body part that does not come into regular contact with people. This is the reason that Malone has so many facial tattoos.

19 Playboy Bunny Tattoo First Design

20. Hidden Barbed wire tattoo under the beard on chin.

20 Warrior Tattoo On Face

21 Evil Skull tattoo near his left ear.

21 Evil Skull Tattoo On Face

22. Native American Headress Tattoo on his head.

22 Native American Tattoo On Head

23. Jesus Tattoo on the right side of his chest.

23 Jesus Tattoo On Chest

24. Small Heart tattoo line on his face.

24 Small Heart Tattoo On Face

25. Post Malone paid tribute to some of the greatest artists ever born by getting their portrait tattoo on his fingers. He has small portrait tattoos of 2Pac, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Hendrix, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and 50 Cent.

25 Rockstars On Fingers

26. Beauty and The Beast Tattoo – Malone consider himself ugly. He claimed that he loved a girl with all his heart but she rejected him due to his ugly looks. This tattoo is dedicated to his crush.

26 Beauty And The Beast Tattoo On Lef

Are Post Malone’s Tattoos Real?

27. Owl Eyes Tattoo on right shoulder. All of the tattoos on Post Malone’s body are real and permanent. He enjoying getting inked with new body art as he love the pain. He dislikes temporary or fake tattoos.

27 Owl Eyes On Right Shoulder

28. Post Malone was a good friend to swedish rapper lil’ peep. He got inked with Lil peep portrait after the latter’s death in 2017.

28 Singer Tattoo

29. Angry Grizzly bear tattoo on his right hand.

29 Bear Tattoo

30. Dark horse tattoo on his forearm.

30 Black Horse Tattoo

31. Portrait of Johnny Cash on his left bicep.

31 Actor Tattoo

Post Malone Finger Tattoos

32. Rest easy Tattoo on his Fingers.

32 Knuckle Tattoo

33. Love bracelet tattoo on his index finger.

33 Cartier Love Bangle

34. Samurai Tattoo on his arm.

34 Samurai Tattoo On Arm

35. Knuckle Bracelet tattoo on his hand.

35 Knuckle Ring On Hand

36. Right below the Lil peep portrait tattoo, He has Native American Shield inked on his arm.

36 Native American Shield Logo

37. Japanese Anime tattoo on his left calf.

37 Dancing Girl Tattoo

38. DOTs tattoo on left Elbow.

38 Dots Tattoo

Post Malone tattoo Sayings and Quotes

39. White dove tattoo on the right side of the neck.

39 Eagle Tattoo

40. Eagle tattoo on left side of the neck.

40 Eagle 2 Tattoo

41. Fallout Vault boy tattoo on the left calf.

41 Fallout Vault Boy

42. Post Malone is big supporter of Gun rights. He even have a Gadsden flag tattoo on left forearm.

42 Gadsden Tattoo

43. Machine Gun tattoo on his left thigh.

43 Gun Tattoo

44. Another Gun tattoo on his arm with a snake wrapped around it.

44 Gun With A Snake Tattoo

Post Malone Recent Tattoos

45. Praying Hands tattoo on right bicep.

46 Holding Hands Tattoo

46. Molon Labe tattoo on his stomach. It is a roman expression among ancient warriors which translates to Come and Take.

47 Molon Labe Tattoo

47. A Tribal pattern tattoo on left elbow which is inspired from warrior designs.

48 Pattern Tattoo

Post Malone Forearm tattoos

48. One of the artists who played a pivotal role in improving Post Malone art as a lyricist was Bob Dylan. He commented that he was influenced by Bob Dylan at a very young age. He even paid tribute to the legendary artist by getting inked with his portrait tattoo on his left inner bicep.

49 Portrait Tattoo

Unseen Tattoos of Post Malone

49. Post Malone is infamous for getting stupid tattoos. He has a tumbler with straw tattoo on his stomach. This refers to his addiction to diet cola.

50 Post Malobe Tumbler With Straw Tattoo

50. Tiny semicolon tattoo on his nose. A Semicolon tattoo is a big symbol for people who had suicidal thoughts but continued to fight and live.

51 Teardrom Tattoo

51. Mythological Nazgul tattoo on his chest. Post is huge fan of Lord of the rings.

52 Post Malone Chest Tattoo

52. Post Malone supports his favorite football team Dallas cowboys during Superbowl. he even has a helmet tattoo on his shoulder.

53 Post Malone Dallas Cowboys Helmet Tattoo

53. Deer horn tattoo in tribal style on forehead. This is to refer to his inner monster that he often talks about in his interviews.

54 Post Malone Forehead Tattoo

54. Soldier silhouette with gun tattoo on his right inner bicep.

55 Post Malone Gallensons Gun Logo Tattoo

Post Malone Head Tattoos

55. Eye of Sauron tattoo on his head. This again refers to his love for Lord of the Rings.

56 Post Malone Head Tattoo 1

56. He is a huge Metallica fan. He got tattooed with their famous tracks on his legs.

57 Post Malone Metallica Tattoo

57. Here is another Metallica song logo tattoo design on his left leg.

58 Post Malone Metallica Tattoos

58. Post is huge fan of RPG Elder scrolls. He has a Miraak mask tattoo on his left shoulder.

59 Post Malone Miraak Mask Tattoo

59. Post often ask his fans to take care of their mental health. He has the word PATIENT inked on his right inner bicep which tells about his fight with depression.

60 Post Malone Patient Tattoo

60. Skulls with crossbones tattoo on his palm.

61 Post Malone Skull With Crossbones Tattoo

Why Does Post Malone have so many Tattoos?

This is simple because he love the body art. He love expressing himself, through his music, through his body art.

61. He once again showed his love for Elder Scrolls when he get tattooed with Skyrim dragons.

62 Post Malone Skyrim Tattoo

62. Stoney was name of Post Malone’s debut studio album. He got it tattooed across his neck.

63 Post Malone Stoney Tattoo

New Post Malone Tattoos

63. Medusa tattoo on head. This is Malone’s way of saying to stay away from playgirls.

64 Post Malone Tattoo Head

64. Huge Spider Tattoo on head. Post shaved his head off and got inked with a Black widow spider tattoo.

65 Post Malone Tattoo Left Head

Post Malone Tattoo Ideas

65. Minimalist tattoo behind left ear. It is a geometrical shape.

66 Behind Ear Tattoo

66. Hellraiser inspired tattoo on his inner bicep.

67 Ghost Tattoo

67. Saint Jude Tattoo on his lower forearm. This signifies his faith in Christianity.

69 Saint Jude Tattoo

68. Skull tattoo on his left calf.

70 Skull Tattoo

69. Native American Cherokee Skull tattoo on his calf.

71 Skull Chokree Tattoo

70. Captain America’s shield inspired tattoo on his left inner forearm.

72 Skull Tattoo

Post Malone Without Tattoos

Can You imagine him without any tattoo design? I can not think of Post Malone without his trademark tattoo styles.

71. Skull with cigarette tattoo on his left thigh.

73 Smokey Tattoo

72. “So Far So Good” tattoo on his outer forearm of left hand.

74 So Far So Good Tattoo

73. Sword tattoo across his neck.

75 Sword Tattoo

74. Joker tattoo on his right calf which is a mix up of pennywise the clown, DC’s supervillain Joker and Harley Quinn.

76 Joker Tattoo

75. Post malone is dating Ashlen Diaz. He got inked with her name on his left inner arm.

77 Text Tattoo

76. On his left Thigh, Malone has inked the words “To Serve I Promise”.

78 Thigh Tattoo

77. Tiny Eagle tattoo on the back of his left hand.

79 Tiny Eagle Tattoo


Does Post Malone tattoo designs inspire you? Do you ever think of getting so many tattoos on your body? If you are true fan of Post Malone then don’t forget to share these designs with your friends.

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