Most Original Tattoos Of NBA Stars

Thanks to the athletes playing in the National Basketball League and their skills and type of play, basketball became one of the biggest sports in the world. Athletes are known for their athleticism, style of play, and incredible fighting spirit making the game even more interesting for the viewers.

However, they are also known for their flamboyant and luxurious lifestyle and their tattoos.

Tattoos are great for expressing feelings, personalities, memorable moments, and goals and athletes decide to decorate their bodies with some rather shocking pieces. In today’s article, we will go through some of the most original tattoos of NBA stars.

Chris Anderson

There is no surprise that we find Chris Anderson a.k.a Birdman on the top of the list. I mean, have you seen his body artwork? His body is like a canvas for tattoos that cover more than 75% of his body.

All of his tattoos are made with unique designs, colors and share some NBA similarities. This means that you can spot Chris Anderson from a mile away. He said that his passion for tattoos started when he turned 18, and he has been adding a new tattoo to his collection ever since.

One of the most striking tattoos is the tattoo on his neck which says “free bird” where he got his famous nickname “Birdman”.

J.R Smith

When it comes to tattoos, we have to include the Cleveland Cavaliers star that has more than 70 tattoos on his body.  He has become a two-time NBA champion back in 2016 and 2020 and played for teams like the New York Knicks, Denver Nuggets, and Los Angeles Lakers.

Some of his most original tattoos are the Yankees symbol and the word “Swish” on his neck. When he was e kid, he hated tattoos, but something changed after getting his first tattoo back when he was 15.

Wilson Chandler

Here we have a basketball athlete currently retired from the NBA. He spends most of his career playing for different teams from New York Knicks, Denver Nuggets, Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Clippers, and Brooklyn Nets.

Throughout his career, he had done some amazing tattoos that made him an icon in the league. One of his biggest and most memorable pieces is the huge back-covering tattoo that says unstoppable with a character with a basketball theme.

Since his body is covered from the neck down with tattoos, there are some original pieces that will surprise you. He has his daughter’s portrait and her name tattooed but didn’t forget about his grandma’s name too.

He also has a lot of funny tattoos like cartoon characters, Eazy-E, Juggernaut from X Men, and other truly unique pieces.

Kevin Durant

It is hard to imagine the NBA league without Kevin Durant, and since he is also a tattoo lover, we need to include him in the list. Throughout his career, he collected many awards, such as NBA finals MVP, NBA most valuable player, 2x NBA champion, 4x NBA scoring champion, and much more.

But apart from awards, he also collected a lot of tattoos. Most people are surprised to hear about Kevin’s tattoos since his body that shows like the arms are not tattooed at all.

However, the situation is different on his chest, stomach, and back. He has covered his back in a huge religious tattoo that received a lot of backlash due to misspelled word ‘mature’ from the bible verse.

He also has other quotes like “walk by faith, not by sight”, the name “Wanda”, a horse, and a rose.

Carmelo Anthony

Los Angeles Lakers’ power forward is another tattoo lover from the NBA league. Carmelo was on the headlines of the NBA trade rumors after switching to LA Lakers last Summer.

What you might not know it’s that he has a lot of interesting tattoos tattooed on his arms like the Puerto Rican flag, a snake, a skull with a knife, and a deck of cards which is not that original.

However, one tattoo on his body really coughed out attention. He has a WB tattoo in the same shape as the Warner Bros logo. However, he was not featured in Space Jam 1 or 2 which led us to dig even deeper.

Apparently, the “WB” letters in the shape of Warner Bros logo sands for “West Baltimore”. This is strange since the letters are designed in the same way as the Warner Bros logo. He might have toughed that he will be joining LeBron James on the latest Space Jam 2 that didn’t work out.

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