130 Mandala Tattoos Designs With Meanings (2018)

Mandala Tattoos For Women

31. The use of ink can really make or break a tattoo. For example this mandala tattoo is looking so expressive due to the use of thick ink. I would love to have a mermaid tattoo in such style.(Watercolor butterfly tattoos idea)
Mandala Leg Tattoo

32. On the other hand this tattoo is made using light ink but is still impressive due to perfect gaping in the design.
Sexy Mandala Tattoos for Women and Girls.

33. Even though I would not suggest mandala tattoos on the full back but still many people ask for it and here is how it would look like.
Mandala Tattoo on Back

34. Many women ask for perfect tattoo design for upper shoulder. I think mandala tattoo are perfect choice as upper shoulder tattoo.
Hot Mandala Tattoos for Girls

35. Do you love Hinduism? Do you have faith in this beautiful religion? Try a mandala tattoo in the shape of hindu deity or god. Here is a mandala tattoo inked in Lord Ganesha.
Mandala Elephant Tattoos

36. Mandala tattoo usually have circles in it. Instead of trying full circle mandala tattoos try half circle mandala tattoos like this.
Cool Mandala Tattoos

37. Why not try a mandala tattoos that looks like an optical illusion. But it can only be tattooed by an experienced artist.
Mandala Tattoo on Shoulder

38. If you desperately want to add a flower to your mandala tattoo then add it on the lower side like this.
Mandala Back Tattoo

39. Many guys and girls think that mandala tattoos will only suit on full sleeves. Here take a look on inner sleeve mandala tattoo. How is it?
Mandala Flower Tattoo

40. If you have thin arms and calves then do not try mandala tattoos on them because the tattoo would look stretched and confusing like this.
Mandala Cover Uo Tattoo