130 Mandala Tattoos Designs With Meanings (2018)

Mandala Tattoos For Men

21. The meaning of mandala is universe in Hinduism so why not a show planet and stars in your mandala tattoo. They are also good choice for heart touching memorial tattoos (because many ancient tribes considered stars as deceased people).(Cool tattoos for ladies)
Mandala Elbow Tattoo

22. You can try a 3d mandala tattoo but let me warn you that It would be painful.
Mandala Flower Tattooa

23. Girls can try mandala tattoo on their hand as it would look more meaningful on their hand.
Mandala Hand Tattoo

24. Try a mandala tattoo enclosed in a geometrical shape for example in a square or rectangle.
Geomatric Mandala Tattoo

25. As Mandala tattoo is inspired from Hinduism so why not add some hindu symbols to it like the word OM (in Sanskrit).
Buddhist Mandala Tattoos

26. Do not ruin the beauty of your mandala tattoo with flower tattoos around it.
Mandala Rose Tattoos

27. You can have a mandala tattoo in the style of a clock and you can call it the circle of life.
Mandala Tattoo Ideas

28. Many artist ink the mandala tattoos in style of pointed flowers but forget to add stem to it.
Mandala Compass Tattoos

29. Instead of adding geometrical shapes to your mandala tattoo you can add diamond in the centre like this.
Mandala Tattoos For Guys

30. There would be no better mandala tattoos than the small and simple mandala tattoos like this.
Small Mandala Tattoos