130 Mandala Tattoos Designs With Meanings (2018)

Geometric Mandala Tattoos

11. If you wish to show mandala tattoo in the shape of a flower then add some leaves too to it and make it full sleeve. If you are in marine corps then must know their tattoo policy.(Simple small tattoos for girl)
Mandala Tattoos for Women

12. I would not recommend you to try mandala tattoo on calf or leg because it would be disrespectful.
Mandala Sunflower Tattoo

13. Try mandala tattoo design in the shape of moon cycle and you won’t be disappointed by the result. This mandala tattoo can also be moved to forearm.
Mandala Moon Tattoo

14. Do you have a spirit animal? Mine is wolf. Mix your mandala tattoo and your favourite animal tattoo and the result would be awesome. Here is a wolf mandala tattoo design.
Wolf Mandala Tattoos

15. If you want to give girly touch to your mandala tattoo then have it inked in a feminine character.
Mandala Tattoo

16. Indian art is full of mandala patterns and you can choose the base of your tattoo design from these patterns.
Mandala Tattoos

17. If you decide to have mandala tattoo on back then push to upper back (starting from neck to half spine) instead of lower back.
Mandala Flower Tattoo Meaning

18. You can add a yin yang symbol to your mandala tattoo design it will show your faith in Asian cultures.
Mandala Tattoo Forearm

19. Many people do not understand the importance of white spaces in tattoos. Here this mandala bracelet tattoo is looking impressive due to the spaces left in between.
Girly Mandala Tattoos

20. Instead of keeping your mandala tattoo just on your spine you can expand it on whole back like this.
Mandala Tattoo Back