50 Incredible Heart Tattoos for Men and Women (2018)

Heart tattoos Designs

41. Sacred heart tattoos are opted by devoted Christians who want to show that the heart of Jesus have divine love for whole humanity. They are better choice than heart tattoos of king and queen.(Traditional irish tattoos)
sacred heart tattoos

42. Semicolon tattoo gained popularity when they were used to show the struggle of someone’s mental illness. You can add tiny heart tattoo to them to show your love as well.
semicolon heart tattoos

43. One of the most popular tiny tattoo choices is the small heart tattoos. You can have it on any part of body.
simple heart tattoos

44. If you love your sister very much then try a ‘sister’ tattoo in the shape of heart. You can add an anchor to it to show that your love is stable for them.
sister heart tattoos

45. People who love punk music often have skull tattoos on them. You can try one variation of skulls and heart tattoos as shown here.
skulls and heart tattoos

46. Here is another small heart tattoo design which will suit couples who can not have large tattoos due to their job obligations.
small heart tattoos

47. If you want to dedicate someone a ‘You are my world’ tattoo then opt for stars and heart tattoo. You can add ring around the heart just like rings of Saturn and you can also add the name of your loved one at centre.
stars and heart tattoos

48. The steampunk era tattoos are one of my favorites. Here is a steampunk heart tattoo which is very difficult to ink.
steampunk heart tattoos

49. You can have quote along with your heart tattoos. Here is the popular quote of Mahatma Gandhi on the back of this girl along with a heart tattoo.
tattoos on the heart quotes

50. One tattoo design that you can never neglect is the tribal heart tattoos. They look very stylish and will suit any skin type.
tribal heart tattoos

Which heart tattoos from the above photo gallery you liked the most?