50 Incredible Heart Tattoos for Men and Women (2018)

Heart tattoos are not just opted by couples or best friends. In fact they are opted by people who have unbounded passion toward something. There are lot of heart tattoos that you can try from but I would personally suggest you for designs that are meaningful to you.

Here are 50 unique heart tattoos designs for men and women –

Small Heart tattoos

1. Of all the heart tattoo designs the most difficult to ink is the anatomical heart tattoos. If you opt for one then better check the art of artist on a paper before getting it on skin. Many like to show tattoo of heaven in their design.(Norse mythology tattoos)
anatomical heart tattoos

2. Most people like combination tattoos. One popular combination is bleeding heart flower tattoos. You don’t have to show a bleeding heart though in such tattoos.
bleeding heart flower tattoos

3. Many of us have failed in love. There is no shame in accepting that. However inking it on your body is silly step. If you still want a broken heart tattoo then consider this less painful style.
broken heart tattoos

4. Celtic people drew their own unique version of certain objects be it cross or heart. Here is a celtic heart tattoo inspired from celtic drawings.
celtic heart tattoos

5. Do you think there would be any better couple tattoo idea than this? I think couples heart tattoos are the most romantic type of tattoo designs.
couples heart tattoos

6. If you are a religious person then you surely would love to show your religious faith in a tattoo design. Here is a cross and heart tattoos design for you.
cross and heart tattoos

7. Even though there are hundreds of cute heart tattoos but they would only look good and meaningful if they are dedicated to someone you love.
cute heart tattoos

8. People like to have quote with their heart tattoos. One popular quote is ‘Always on My Mind and Forever in my heart’.
forever in my heart tattoos

9. Heart and key tattoos are the most common type of heart tattoos variation but this too comes in a lot of variations.
heart and key tattoos

10. Many people like to have spiritual heart tattoos. For example this heart chakra tattoo denotes that a human lives multiple lives in spirit world.
heart chakra tattoos