50 Incredible Heart Tattoos for Men and Women (2018)

Tribal Heart Tattoos

21. There are many variations of tribal heart tattoos my favourite kind is that which show an impatient heart just like . You can show it by waves as shown in this heart tattoo drawing. (Anchor tattoos for female)
heart tattoos drawings

22. Men love multiple women in their lives. IT’S A FACT. So a really great heart tattoo idea for men would be to try heart shape balloon tattoo that are being distributed among women.
heart tattoos for men

23. Another great heart tattoo idea is to fit your on screen couple in a heart frame just like this lady and the tramp tattoo.
heart tattoos ideas

24. If you think this world is a dark place but you find solace in nature then try a black heart tattoo design with flowers inside it just like this.
heart tattoos images

25. Now here is another meaningful heart tattoo on the ankle of this guy. The man showed cannabis inside the black heart and I think you know what it means.
heart tattoos on ankle

26. Personally I don’t find heart tattoos on foot attractive but if you want to try it then go for heart anklet tattoos like this.
heart tattoos on foot

27. Wrist is a common place to get heart tattoos but do you know that you can have unique style on wrist too. For example this guy have cupid heart tattoo on the side of wrist. The placement makes this tattoo cool.
heart tattoos on wrist

28. Here is a deep meaning in this heart tattoo design. The guy showed a tree over an anatomical heart thereby suggesting that tree plantation is important for life cycle.
heart tree tattoos

29. If your heart does not stop at one place and it often wanders here and there, then you should go for heart wing tattoos. Here is a cool design for you.
heart wing tattoos

30. Another cool idea for heart tattoos is heart with arrow tattoo. Here is a variation that shows an arrow in shape of heart. It indicates that whenever you try to love someone it backfires.
Heart with arrow tattoos