50 Incredible Heart Tattoos for Men and Women (2018)

Broken Heart Tattoos

11. If you think that your love is lucky for you then try heart dreamcatcher tattoo. Dreamcatcher are considered lucky among Native americans. This can also be tried as a small inner bicep tattoo. (Beautiful mermaid tattoos)
heart dreamcatcher tattoos

12. You can have heart shape tattoos instead of a real heart tattoo. Like here is a heart hands tattoos on the forearm of this man.
heart hands tattoos

13. If you love music more than anything then surely you would love to have heart music note tattoos like this.
heart music notes tattoos

14. If you believe that you have been ditched and betrayed far too many times then show your anger and pain with heart on fire tattoos.
heart on fire tattoos

15. Most people like to have heart tattoos on sleeve but the problem is that they do not cover up the entire reason. So choose for anatomical heart tattoo on sleeve.
heart on sleeve tattoos

16. There is no need to get complicated heart tattoos because simple heart outlines tattoo like this will look way more meaningful.
heart outlines tattoos

17. Life goes on is a popular quote and you can show this with a heart rhythm tattoo design but do not have it on foot or ankle.
heart rhythm tattoos

18. A popular heart tattoos idea for women would be to try any kind of flower tattoo in shape of heart. My favourite pick is heart roses tattoo as shown in this pic.
heart roses tattoos

19. You can opt for any tribal tattoo design and modify it in the shape of heart. Just be sure that it is equally proportional on all angles.
heart shape tattoos

20. You can add other tattoo designs to your heart tattoos design. My favourite is heart and anchor tattoo which shows that you have found stability in love.
heart tattoos designs