155+ Best 3D Tattoos Designs for Men & Women (2018)

3D Tattoos For Women

31. A flower bouquet tattoo design will be a better option as compared to a 3D flower tattoo. Here is a 3D flower bouquet tattoo on the thigh of this woman.(Tattoos for men on arm)
3d flower tattoos

32. If you opt for a 3D biomechanical tattoo design then the best part to have them is either calf or arm.
3d mechanical tattoos

33. If you opt for a girl portrait tattoo design in 3d style then I would suggest you to focus on the make-up of the girl.
3d face tattoos

34. 3D gothic tattoo designs also look amazing. For this you have to choose a mysterious design. Here is a 3D raven tattoo design.
3d bird tattoos

35. This 3D biomechanical tattoo design on the thigh of this girl would surely leave people confused as they will wonder whether it is a tattoo or a real thing.
3d thigh tattoos

36. You can have 3D eye or 3D portrait tattoo design on the back of the calf. It is the best part for such tattoos. In fact people might get scared of 3d tattoo designs like this on the back of the calf.
3d calf tattoos

37. This marvellous 3d tattoo design on the rib cage of this girl is perfectly placed but is ruined by other tattoos nearby.
3d body tattoos

38. You can also opt for planet tattoo designs on forearm. If the 3d planet tattoo design doesn’t turn out good then change it to eye tattoo.
images of 3d tattoos

39. A good 3D tattoo idea would be get tattooed with your favourite movie character be it a hero or a villain.
3d tattoos designs for men

40. Is this 3D tattoo of Daryl from AMC TV series ‘The Walking Dead’? Or is it some other guy?
awesome 3d tattoos