205+ Tiki Tattoo Ideas (2024)

Why should you consider getting a tiki tattoo? The answer lies in the charming fusion of aesthetics and cultural depth that tiki tattoos offer.

Among the cultures that have made an indelible mark on the world of tattooing, Polynesian culture stands out prominently. Polynesia, with its enchanting islands scattered across the vast Pacific Ocean, has a rich tradition of tattooing that dates back centuries. The Polynesian people have created some of the most beautiful and meaningful tattoo designs in the world.

The origins of tiki culture trace back to the indigenous peoples of the South Pacific, especially Polynesia, where it held deep spiritual and cultural significance. Tiki symbols were used to represent ancestors, deities, and the guardians of the natural world. Over time, these symbols evolved and spread beyond their island origins, becoming a global cultural phenomenon.

Tiki Tattoo Ideas

These are our favorite Tiki tattoo ideas that you can consider getting inked on your body:

1. Tiki Mask: The Tiki mask serves as a constant reminder of the protective gaze of our ancestor’s spirits. Just as guardians or protectors in various cultures and religions watch over their followers, the ancestral spirits, symbolized by the Tiki mask, are perceived to offer a shield against adversities.

2. Tiki Totem Pole: Tiki Tome Pole are not random; they are actual representations of various aspects of Polynesian history, mythology, and belief systems. Each carved figure, whether it’s a deity, a warrior, or an ancestral spirit, tells a story, making the totem pole a visual anthology of tales and traditions.

3. Marquesan Cross: It signifies a commitment to maintaining harmony in their lives, acknowledging the importance of both the spiritual and physical dimensions. This tattoo serves as a constant reminder of the need to strike that balance, encouraging mindfulness and introspection.

4. Tiki Spear: Strength can take many forms: physical, emotional, and mental. The Tiki spear design symbolizes all these aspects. It’s a visual representation of a person’s commitment to protecting themselves and their loved ones.

5. Tiki Sun: The Tiki sun symbolizes a connection to nature and the cycles of life. It serves as a reminder of the sun’s constancy, rising each day to provide light and energy. For those who choose this design, it signifies a commitment to embracing positivity, growth, and the abundance of life’s experiences.

6. Tiki Wave: Water sports enthusiasts find a kindred spirit in the Tiki Wave. Whether it’s kayaking, paddleboarding, or sailing, the design resonates with those who appreciate the challenges and joys of activities on the water. It symbolizes the harmony between human endeavor and the natural world.

7. Tiki Turtle: The Tiki turtle design draws inspiration from ancient cultures where the turtle is revered as a creature possessing wisdom and longevity. In many cultures, the turtle is seen as a symbol of good luck, often associated with the idea of slow and steady progress leading to success.

8. Tiki Gecko: Derived from various Polynesian and Maori cultures, the Tiki gecko design is a fusion of art and spirituality. The gecko, a small reptile known for its agility and adaptability, is considered a guardian against bad luck and negative energies. Its presence in this design signifies an ancient tradition of seeking protection from unseen forces that may bring harm or misfortune.

9. Tiki Hibiscus Flower: Beauty, as represented by the hibiscus flower, goes beyond the physical; it encompasses the appreciation of the beauty in nature, art, and human expression. It encourages those who bear the design to seek out and create beauty in their lives, embracing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

10. Tiki Pineapple: Friendship, a cornerstone of human connection, finds expression in the Tiki pineapple’s symbolism. It signifies the bonds that form when individuals come together in a spirit of camaraderie and goodwill. This design serves as a tribute to the meaningful relationships forged through shared moments and the simple act of breaking bread together.

11. Tiki Surfboard: For those who opt for the Tiki surfboard design, it is a declaration of their undying love for the world of water sports. Surfers often face challenging conditions and unpredictable waves, requiring them to be quick thinkers and agile in their movements.

12. Tiki Shark: Sharks themselves have been regarded as formidable creatures in the natural world, and their incorporation into the Tiki culture adds layers of significance. Opt for this design if you want to depict not just brute force but also the finesse and tenacity required to thrive in challenging environments.

13. Tiki Mermaid: The Tiki mermaid serves as a reminder of the ocean’s vast and mysterious depths, where mermaids are believed to dwell, enchanting sailors with their songs and luring them into the deep.

14. Tiki Moai Statue: The Tiki Moai statues are revered as the guardians of ancestral wisdom and the keepers of the island’s cultural heritage. They are believed to represent not only the physical likeness of the island’s ancestors but also their spiritual essence.

15. Colorful Tiki: Color plays a significant role in human expression, and the colorful Tiki tattoo takes full advantage of this fact. It offers a kaleidoscope of hues, each representing different aspects of the wearer’s personality. Bright and bold colors like red, orange, and yellow exude passion, enthusiasm, and warmth. Cooler tones like blue and green symbolize calmness, harmony, and a connection to nature.

16. Tiki Turtle Tattoo Design: The Tiki Turtle Tattoo Design is inspired by the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, a symbol of good luck and safe travels. This design features a tiki mask housing a turtle nestled within complex patterns, usually with mountains or waves as a backdrop.

Tiki Tattoos Meanings and Symbolisms

Tiki tattoos have a deep meaning and symbolism that can represent different things to different people. Learning about each symbol in a tiki tattoo design will help you understand its significance. Here are some popular symbols you should know about:

Tiki: The Creator: The first mythological tiki represents the creation of all things, symbolized by the god of the sun. Tiki tattoos based on this deity represent birth, creation, and foresight. It signifies the notion that the sun is not only a guiding force, lighting our path in the physical world but also the ultimate giver of life, nurturing all living beings with its warmth and light.

Tiki: The Protector: The second mythological tiki represents the protective nature of the gods, and is often depicted with a guardian role. Those who choose a tiki tattoo inspired by this deity may express their commitment to standing by their loved ones, their values, and their principles with unyielding loyalty.

Tiki: The Destroyer: The third mythological tiki represents the destructive force of nature, symbolized by the god of volcanoes and earthquakes. Tiki tattoos based on this deity depict him with a grimace, and his body radiates with volcanic energy. Such tattoos are popular among individuals who want to show courage in the face of adversity and their ability to overcome obstacles.

Tiki: The Spiritual Guide: The fourth mythological tiki represents the spiritual guide, symbolized by the god of the moon. Polynesian people often believe that the moon, as a luminary in the night sky, guides and influences their spiritual path, offering them a source of inner peace and enlightenment.

Tiki: The Trickster: The fifth mythological tiki represents the trickster persona, symbolized by the god of mischief. Tiki tattoos inspired by this deity offer a delightful means of expressing one’s lighthearted outlook on life. These designs convey the idea that humor and playfulness are essential aspects of the human experience, serving as powerful antidotes to the stresses and complexities of existence.

Now take a look at our photo gallery of fantastic Tiki tattoo designs that can suit both men and women:

Hawaiian Tiki Tattoo

Tiki Tattoo 4
Tiki Tattoo 5
Tiki Tattoo 6
Tiki Tattoo 7
Tiki Tattoo 8
Tiki Tattoo 9
Tiki Tattoo 18
Tiki Tattoo 21
Tiki Tattoo 25
Tiki Tattoo 26
Tiki Tattoo 27

Polynesian Tiki Tattoo

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Tiki Tattoo 28
Tiki Tattoo 29
Tiki Tattoo 30
Tiki Tattoo 31
Tiki Tattoo 32
Tiki Tattoo 33
Tiki Tattoo 34
Tiki Tattoo 35
Tiki Tattoo 36
Tiki Tattoo 37
Tiki Tattoo 38
Tiki Tattoo 39
Tiki Tattoo 40
Tiki Tattoo 41
Tiki Tattoo 42
Tiki Tattoo 43
Tiki Tattoo 44
Tiki Tattoo 46
Tiki Tattoo 47
Tiki Tattoo 48
Tiki Tattoo 49
Tiki Tattoo 50
Tiki Tattoo 51
Tiki Tattoo 52
Tiki Tattoo 54
Tiki Tattoo 55
Tiki Tattoo 56
Tiki Tattoo 58
Tiki Tattoo 59
Tiki Tattoo 60
Tiki Tattoo 61
Tiki Tattoo 62
Tiki Tattoo 63

Tiki Mask Tattoos

Tiki Tattoo 64
Tiki Tattoo 65
Tiki Tattoo 66
Tiki Tattoo 67
Tiki Tattoo 68
Tiki Tattoo 69
Tiki Tattoo 70
Tiki Tattoo 71
Tiki Tattoo 72
Tiki Tattoo 73
Tiki Tattoo 74
Tiki Tattoo 75
Tiki Tattoo 76
Tiki Tattoo 77
Tiki Tattoo 78
Tiki Tattoo 79
Tiki Tattoo 80
Tiki Tattoo 81
Tiki Tattoo 82
Tiki Tattoo 83
Tiki Tattoo 84
Tiki Tattoo 85
Tiki Tattoo 86
Tiki Tattoo 87
Tiki Tattoo 88
Tiki Tattoo 89
Tiki Tattoo 90
Tiki Tattoo 91
Tiki Tattoo 92
Tiki Tattoo 93
Tiki Tattoo 94
Tiki Head Set Designed In Different Colors
Tiki head set designed in different colors
Tiki Tattoo 96
Tiki Tattoo 97
Tiki Tattoo 98
Tiki Tattoo 99
Tiki Tattoo 100
Tiki Tattoo 101
Tiki Tattoo 102
Tiki Tattoo 103
Tiki Tattoo 104
Tiki Tattoo 105

Totem Pole Tattoo on Half Sleeve

Tiki Tattoo 106
Tiki Tattoo 107
Tiki Tattoo 108
Tiki Tattoo 109
Tiki Tattoo 110
Native Polynesian And Hawaiian Rextile, Fabric Print Or Wallpaper Background
Native Polynesian and Hawaiian rextile, fabric print or wallpaper background
Tiki Tattoo 112
Tiki Tattoo 113
Tiki Tattoo 114
Hawaiian traditional tribal tiki mask in vintage monochrome style isolated vector illustration
Tiki Tattoo 115
Сет of Illustrations of Tiki tribal wooden mask. Design element for emblem, sign, poster, card, banner. Vector illustration
Tiki Tattoo 116
Tiki Tattoo 117
Tiki Tattoo 118
Tiki Tattoo 119
Tiki Tattoo 120
Tiki Tattoo 121
Tiki Tattoo 122
Tiki Tattoo 123
Tiki Tattoo 124
Tiki Tattoo 125
Tiki Tattoo 126
Tiki Tattoo 127
Tiki Tattoo 128
Tiki Tattoo 129
Brown Tiki Head Design Set Made With Shapes
Brown Tiki head design set made with shapes
Tiki Tattoo 131
Tiki Tattoo 132
Tiki Tattoo 133
Tiki Tattoo 134
Tiki Tattoo 135
Tiki Tattoo 136
Tiki Tattoo 137
Tiki Tattoo 138
Tiki Tattoo 139
Tiki Tattoo 140
Tiki Tattoo 141
Tiki Tattoo 142
Tiki Tattoo 143
Tiki Tattoo 144
Tribal symbols of hawaiian and african culture. Vector african hawaii totem, mask of tribal culture tiki illustration
Tiki Tattoo 145
Tiki Tattoo 146
Tiki Tattoo 147
Tiki Tattoo 148
Сет of Illustrations of Tiki tribal wooden mask. Design element for emblem, sign, poster, card, banner. Vector illustration
Tiki Tattoo 149
Tiki Tattoo 150
Tiki Tattoo 151
Tiki Tattoo 152
Tiki Tattoo 153
Tiki Tattoo 154
Tiki Tattoo 155
Tiki Tattoo 156
Tiki Tattoo 157
Tiki Tattoo 158
Tiki Tattoo 159
Tiki Tattoo 160
Tiki Tattoo 161
Tiki Tattoo 162
Tiki Tattoo 163
Tiki Tattoo 164
Tiki Tattoo 165
Tiki Tattoo 166
Tiki Tattoo 167
Tiki Tattoo 168
Tiki Tattoo 169
Tiki Tattoo 170
Illustration of Tiki tribal wooden mask. Design element for emblem, sign, poster, card, banner. Vector illustration
Tiki Tattoo 171
Tiki Tattoo 172
Tiki Tattoo 173
Tiki Tattoo 174
Native Polynesian and Hawaiian two tiki illustration in black on white, gods faces with crowns traditionally carved in wood
Tiki Tattoo 175
Tiki Tattoo 176
Tiki Tattoo 177
Tiki Tattoo 178
Tiki Tattoo 179
Tiki Tattoo 180
Tiki Tattoo 181
Tiki Tattoo 182
Tiki Tattoo 183
Tiki Tattoo 184
Tiki Tattoo 185
Tiki Tattoo 186
Tiki Tattoo 187
Tiki Tattoo 188
Tiki Tattoo 189
Tiki Tattoo 190
Tiki Tattoo 191
A funky tropical tiki mug drink. Tiki is garnished with a straw, pineapple ring, maraschino cherry, and a floral printed drink umbrella. Download includes an AI10 EPS (CMYK) and a high resolution RGB JPEG sized to 4000 pixels square.
Tiki Tattoo 192
Tiki Tattoo 193
Tiki Tattoo 194
Tiki Tattoo 195
Tiki Tattoo 196
Tiki Tattoo 197
Tiki Tattoo 198
Tiki Tattoo 199
Tiki Tattoo 200
Tiki Tattoo 201
Tiki Tattoo 202
Tiki Tattoo 203
Tiki Tattoo 204
Tiki Tattoo 205
Tiki Tattoo 206
Tiki Tattoo 207
Tiki Tattoo 208
Tiki Tattoo 209
Tiki Tattoo 210
Tiki Tattoo 211
Tiki Tattoo 212
Tiki Tattoo 213
Tiki Tattoo 214
Tiki Tattoo 215
Tiki Tattoo 216
Tiki Tattoo 217
Tiki Tattoo 218
Tiki Tattoo 219
Tiki Tattoo 220
Tiki Tattoo 221
Tiki Tattoo 222
Tiki Tattoo 223
Tiki Tattoo 224
Tiki Tattoo 225
Tiki Tattoo 226
Tiki Tattoo 241


Tiki tattoos are one of the best ways to honor Polynesian tradition while expressing one’s unique personality. These tattoos are not just ink on skin; they are living expressions of identity, values, and experiences. Choosing the right design and collaborating with a skilled artist can ensure that a tiki tattoo becomes a beautiful and lasting testament to your connection to the rich heritage of Polynesian culture.

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