BlackJack Tattoos Ideas

On the surface, Blackjack looks like a game of chance, but we all know that those who are exceptionally skilled can win against a casino. We have multiple famous cases when casinos were forced to admit defeat and deny players service. One such example is when a team of math students went on a winning spree and drew too much attention to them. However, this requires incredible skill and mental acuity to pull off, so casinos don’t really have to remove Blackjack from their offer.

In other words, this can be both a game of skill and a luck-based experience, which is why Blackjack tattoos can have so many different meanings. They can symbolize your good fortune or incredible intellect, or that you are someone who is ready to take risks in order to win. Here we will be going over a few cool tattoo ideas with Blackjack as their main theme.

Classic Blackjack Tattoo

This is basically any Blackjack card combination that you personally like, and it can only take up a small portion of your skin. That’s why it is so popular, as you get to pick the cards you like the most and play around with that concept. Moreover, this is probably the most affordable version as the artist is not required to pull some crazy feats in order to make it look good.

Cards and Chips

You can also add a stack of chips to the cards, and choose to display those cards differently. They don’t need to be face-up, but they can be curved as if someone is picking them up to check the combination. This in a way can serve as a Blackjack tattoo and as a poker image. It’s great for those people who love to play different games. It’s a very popular image in the Dutch counties as they recently got access to online casino’s in Nederland, and all sorts of games and bonuses that come with them. Moreover, it’s more creative and demanding than the classic version so it will definitely draw more attention. 

Add Number 21

Apart from displaying cards, you can also add the number 21 as it also represents Blackjack. Once again this gives you more flexibility for playing around with this concept and making your ink more unique.

Las Vegas Sign, Jack, and Ace

Las Vegas is synonymous with casinos and games that are available there. It also represents good times, parties, and vice. If this resonates with your persona, then this version is going to be more appealing for you.

Skull, Money, Whiskey, Babe, Cigarettes 

 Most of the popular Blackjack tattoos also feature one or more of these elements, along with casino chips. The more elements you wish to add the more expensive the ink job will be, but it will look more authentic. You can find a lot of examples online, and then get an artist to mix them around and create a truly unique image.


These were some of the suggestions based on the tattoos that look really good and that are connected to blackjack. Hopefully, they will inspire you to make a decision on what image you should get on your skin. This can be your lucky charm when you are playing Blackjack at some of the best casinos online, or even land-based establishments. That being said, it would be more useful to learn the perfect strategy and how to win at this game, but tattoos will undoubtedly look cool.