Top Australian Fashion Brands that You Need in Your Closet


Australia has been a nest of fashion brands for many decades. Although being divided from the other continents by territory, fashion trends set by Australian designers are felt worldwide. Fashion is a big topic in Australia and day by day, there are more and more fashion brands popping out of the blue in the country.

Yes, you guessed it right. Today we are going to talk about popular fashion brands in Australia that you might have seen at your mall but didn’t know they were Australian. The list is way longer than this, however we went and covered some of the most famous brands that there are. Let’s read about them together!

1.  Matteau

We are starting off strong, aren’t we? Well, since Australia is an island continent, which means it is surrounded by the ocean on all its sides, swimwear is a big thing there. Taking that into consideration, Matteau went ahead and designed very elegant pieces to go with this flow.

In their online website, they say that they have designed “Swim and resort wear for the discerning woman” which honestly is true because from a simple look through their page, you see that they have unique simple yet distinguished pieces all along. The brand’s name derives from “matt” as in a matt color, and “eau” from French for water.

2.  Zimmermann

Second and just as strong on the list comes Zimmermann. This brand is also an Australian based brand that sells a lot of swim and resort wear, but also shoes, accessories and jewelries. Their pieces are very unique and use different patterns throughout which make the brand pop up and be noticeable.

The name comes from German, and it literally translates to “carpenter” in English. Just like a carpenter who goes about his work materials in cutting and shaping, so does Zimmermann with its extraordinary pieces. Zimmermann is definitely a great piece to have in your closet and a purchase is a click away.

3.  Sir

Third on the list comes Sir which more or less has the same range of items like the other two brands above. Nevertheless, its uniqueness is sensed simply from having a look through the website. Apart from having similar shapes, Sir is different from the other two brands because of the colors (and needless to say, the simplicity of the brand name).

So, for example, based on their website only we can tell that both Matteau and Zimmermann opt for more neutral and earthy colors. On the other hand, in Sir’s website you can see a green and blue swimsuit right ahead. Their pieces are distinctive and colorful for all my colorful queens out there.

4.  Camilla and Marc

Camilla and Marc are a joined product of Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman. The brand offers a wide range of pieces from causal to elegant wear, to bags, beauty, home, jewelry and more. Additionally, they have a section dedicated to gifts only, which are usually a mix of their products and particularly convenient.

There is one thing that differentiates this brand from the other three discussed above, and that’s the inclusion of clothes for men. Additionally, they are known for the androgynous shapes of their items. The previous brands only design clothes for women, while Camilla and Marc also got our men covered. Camilla and Marc are one of those brands that provide you with anything, so go there and explore and you will for sure find something.

5.  Aje

Aje is another contemporary Australian brand that has paved its way to success in the past few years. They have many stores throughout Australia but are also available for online shopping. This is a brand specifically designed for women and they specialize in creating dresses. Aje is one of those brands whose dresses can commonly be encountered on the explore page of Instagram.

Their pieces are bold eye-catching. They have both neutral colors such as white, black, brown or nude, but also a lot of pink, yellow, green and floral. Their dresses are perfect for any night out event and you have many options for flowy dresses which look and feel comfortable.


Australia has been part of the fashion world ever since it has existed. In the past, very few brands were known because of the lack of the digital world. But nowadays, there are many Australian brands who make it to subreddits too and serve as an inspiration for many people in different parts of the world. In addition to that, most of these brands ship internationally so even if you are sitting at the farthest point of from Australia, these pieces can make its way to you.

Elegance, simplicity and distinctiveness are only some of the features that can be used to describe these brands. Have a look and you’ll convince yourself too!

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