Top 10 Poker Chips Tattoos Designs in 2023

Poker chips are an iconic symbol for casinos, gambling, and high stakes. They can also symbolize luck, misfortune, vice, intellect, and basically everything else you can associate with poker. This is why these items make for incredible tattoos. Players who win big at top casinos, tend to get one of these tattoos, or simply a tattoo that features chips along with other things. So, let’s go over a few ideas for tattoos with poker chips that are a hit in 2021

Las Vegas

The classic tattoo with the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign and stack of chips at the front is still relevant up to this day. A lot of artists know how to do this one, so it shouldn’t be too expensive unless you want to add something more on top.

Royal Flush

Royal Flush is also an ideal choice. It can indicate that you are extremely lucky, or that you are unbeatable. This is the strongest combination of cards you can get and it’s a hand that cannot lose. In other words, it can mean a lot of things and it looks awesome so you should definitely go for it.

Dead Man’s Hand

A pair of Aces and a pair of eights are known as the Dead Man’s Hand. This combination got its name after Wild Bill Hickok, who was killed during the poker game, and according to the story, this was the combination of cards in his hand. Bill was one of the earliest heroes of the west and he loved to gamble, which is why this is a good fit for any gambling enthusiast.

Roulette Wheel and Dice

One of the most popular ink art that features chips also has a roulette wheel and dice. There are various combinations you can use, and in most cases, this will definitely look good on you. It is a good option for those who play frequently at real money online casino sites since they definitely play more games in addition to poker. Even people that don’t gamble like this imagery, mainly because the roulette wheel really looks cool. Moreover, you can really get creative with how you will combine and display these elements.

Big Chip in the Background

You can really shift attention to the chip if you make it bigger and use it as a background of the tattoo. Alternatively, you can use a big stack of chips as a background. Both of these work, and you can add other images or elements that are heavily associated with casinos and gambling.

Chip with DareDevil Logo

A red chip with “DD” or the DareDevil logo can look great. This is one of the famous superheroes from Marvel Universe, but it also symbolizes the type of daring nature that is required in order to win certain poker games.  It’s also perfect if you are just looking to get a smaller tattoo.

Poker Chips

You can keep things simple, and just get ink that displays a few chips with the word poker on them.

Ashtray, Money, Cards, and Whiskey

A lot of poker tattoos use the standard imagery like a cigar in an ashtray, face-down cards, a glass of whiskey, and a stack of chips.

Cartoonish Chip Dressed as a Mobster

You can get creative, and turn the chip into an alive cartoon character that smokes a cigar and holds a Tommy gun.

Skull with Cards

Lastly, a lot of cool tattoos have a big skull in the center, and the chips are falling out of its mouth.