5 Inspirational Military-Related Veteran Ink Tattoo Submissions

Behind every Veteran’s tattoo is an inspirational and heartfelt story. At Veteran Ink, they offer a digital platform where Veterans can share the stories behind their military-related tattoos. Although every story has made an impact on us, here are 5 inspirational military-related tattoo submissions they have received over the years.

A Memorial to 68 Fallen Soldiers

The United States Marine Corps Veteran Joshua says the meaning behind this tattoo was to remember the 68 fallen soldiers he served with during his 10 years in active duty. The chain wrapped around his arm has a total of 68 links — Each link represents a fallen soldier. The pulley system on his hand has the branch of service and unit he was in. It serves as a reminder when he’s going through his struggles that they’re chaining him together because they sacrificed their lives for him to be here today.

Veteran Tattoos 1

The Plot Thickens

The United States Army Veteran Daniel says this tattoo symbolizes a saying he and his brother used to tell each other while they were in Afghanistan. He recalls being up for days at a time, and every time something bad happened, they would tell each other, “well, can’t get any worse” or “the plot thickens.” When they got back from overseas, they decided to get “bro tats” to memorialize those awful days and nights.

Veteran Tattoos 2

Dead Female Marine

The United States Marine Corps Veteran Fatima says she got this piece to represent a part of her that died and what was lost during her deployment. She says the “dead female marine” is a memory of that period of time in her life. 

Veteran Tattoos 3

Forever in Our Hearts

United States Army Veteran Clifton says he got this tattoo after his best friend committed suicide due to things that happened to her while she was overseas. He says he not only wants her memory to live with him forever but in the hearts and minds of people that knew and loved her as he did. “She was such an amazing person with a heart of gold.”

Veteran Tattoos 4

A Trapped Man

United States Marine Corps Veteran Brandon’s tattoo signifies mental illness and awareness. Several people around him, including himself, have had an ongoing battle with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. This piece of a skull with a man trapped inside of its eyes as if he’s in prison symbolizes “your mind is your greatest prison.”

Veteran Tattoos 5

Are you a Veteran with military-related tattoos? What do your tattoos mean to you? Tell Veteran Ink by submitting your story!

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