Engrave Ink Memorial Tattoos – The New Norm

We all have the one person who was very dear to us and is no longer on Earth. Some people leave a prominent mark on our lives and we want to remember them forever. Memorial tattoos are one way of doing so.

Since time has known, tattoos have been popular among people of all types. While some do it for personal expression, others might even do it as a tribal ritual. Memorial tattoos have now become more common as it provides a way to pay a tribute to someone who played an important role in your life. They can be of different types. They don’t necessarily have names but can also reflect something about the concerned person like their date of birth/death, zodiac signs, or some item that was dear to them.

If you are grieving, it is advised that you wait for a little, till you have a better grip on yourself before deciding what you want to get done as these can be very emotional moments for you. Give yourself some months so you can choose a design with a clear mind. It will be better to choose a positively reflecting sign of the departed one so it makes you happy when you see it, rather than make you sad.

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All You Need To Know Memorial Tattoos With Cremation Ashes

These types of tattoos are a new way of getting a memorial tattoo. You can use your deceased loved ones cremated ashes to make a tattoo with and mark their memory in a unique and long-lasting way. For getting a tattoo with ashes the process is pretty much the same as that of a normal tattoo. The artist will sterilize some ashes of the cremation remains. It will be reduced to a fine powder. Then the purified ashes are combined with standard tattoo ink. The ink is used in the tattoo gun and the tattoo is drawn on your skin. The more fine the ashes are the lesser are the chances that they will clog the tattoo equipment. It will be able to blend smoothly with the tattoo ink. Also, the professionalism and experience of the tattoo artist will play an important role. They should be licensed as they will need to know the special caution they need to take throughout the process.

This will truly and literally be a personal and unique way to carry a piece of your departed one with you all your life. As the cremated ashes are burned at a very high temperature, it eliminates the chances of infection. However, precaution must be taken on how the ashes are handled as they need to be kept in a sterile environment. Exposing it to pollutants can lead to contamination which thereby will make the tattoo more vulnerable to infection.

Memorial Tattoos made from cremation ashes still will be infused with standard tattoo ink, therefore it will look pretty much the same. Just to be on the safe side, you can consult your dermatologist to make sure you don’t have any allergic reaction or itchiness after you get one.

Things To Keep In Mind When Getting A Memorial Cremation Ash Tattoo

Many elements around us can leave a mark on our lives. While some may get it to commemorate the memory of their beloved ones, others might get it as a tribute to their pet who has been a friend for life or war heroes. The feelings put into this type of tattoo is to permanently mark them as a part of our lives after they are gone. Below are some things to keep in mind when you are getting a memorial cremation tattoo.

Give It A Personal Touch

It is always good to find your own unique way to reflect the memory of a loved one. There are several common memorial tattoos. Try to think about memories you had with your loved ones and how you would like to remember them. Nicknames, photos of them, an item that reflects them like a guitar if the person was a guitarist, etc are some examples. You can even draw a design yourself to make it even more unique.

Check For Errors

If you are getting a name or a phrase tattooed, then make sure you have no spelling errors. It’s ok to get a tattoo wording done in a foreign language. Not everyone has to understand what it says. However, it is important to check two or three times before confirming the wording to make sure that the spelling, grammar, and other elements of the tattoo are correct. There are way too many instances wherein people have got a tattoo that is misspelled and it completely changes the whole concept around it.

Find A Professional Tattoo Artist

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Not all tattoo artists are the same. While some may be great at drawing, others could also be helpful to suggest designs for you that reflect what you want at its best. With artists who use cremation ashes, there is also the level of experience they need to be able to do it properly. Don’t book an appointment with the first tattoo artist that you meet. You can visit several studios and check firstly if the studio and equipment are clean and hygienic. You can also take a look at their previous work done by checking their reviews online. As this will be a permanent decision that you will take for your life, you should not rush into it but rather take your own time.

While getting a memorial tattoo is a form of expression of how much you love or miss the deceased one, it can also be a constant reminder of the loss of their life. If you are emotionally not strong enough and prepared, this can leave you with a constant painful memory and keep you emotionally exhausted for a long time. Therefore, take your time before you take this big decision in your life.