125+ Best Watercolor Tattoo Ideas and Designs (2018)

Watercolor Tattoo Ideas

21. Here is a small watercolor butterfly tattoo on the back neck of this cute girl. Don’t you think small wildlife tattoos are cute? Simple word Tattoos
watercolor butterfly tattoo

22. Here is why I suggest you to not use watercolor tattoos to write quotes or name or word – Because it will fade away.
watercolor thigh tattoos

23. This is unique watercolor tattoo design of a sea wave and ship.
geometric watercolor tattoos

24. The tattoo artist focused too much on shading the tattoo with dark watercolors. Use light watercolors as they suit every skin type.
watercolor rose tattoo

25. If you have a simple tattoo design and it is fading away then you add some watercolors to it and it will come back to life again.
watercolor hummingbird tattoo

26. Bow down to this tattoo artist who made such amazing eye tattoo design. I am impressed.
watercolor tattoos for men

27. Star and anchor tattoo design are popular among sailors. You can add watercolors to it to make them look more impressive.
watercolor style tattoos

28. Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland has several colourful characters. You can choose any character for your watercolor tattoo but none would look as impressive as Cheshire Cat.
watercolor cat tattoos

29. Red Fox tattoos are rare to find. Such tattoos suit girls.
watercolor fox tattoo

30. You can have matching watercolor tattoos like this. They will suit siblings specially brother sister.
small watercolor tattoo

Are Watercolor Tattoos Permanent?

If they are done using tattoo machine then yes they are permanent. But if they are made using watrcolor paint and brush then they are temporary. In fact they can not be called exactly as tattoos. They will fade away overnight.