125+ Best Watercolor Tattoo Ideas and Designs (2018)

Watercolor tattoo is the most recent tattoo trend that is sweeping away all other tattoo techniques. They have only been in trend for past few years which raises many questions regarding them. One obvious question is how good watercolor tattoos are?

Here we discuss everything regarding watercolor tattoos along with 67 watercolor tattoo ideas that will suit both men and women-

Watercolor Tattoos For Men

1. A good idea for watercolor tattoo would be to have a tribal tattoo design and spark it with vibrant watercolors. My favorite would be a watercolor wedding ring tattoo design. Sleeve cover up Tattoos
anchor watercolor tattoos

2. Watercolor tattoos are not considered for grown up men and women so it doesn’t matter if you have a childish watercolor tattoo design.
watercolor sleeve tattoos

3. Some tattoo artist can give water color tattoos a serious look. Here is a perfect example of a detailer watercolor tattoo.
raven watercolor tattoo

4. Girls prefer watercolor tattoos more than boys. So what would be better design than a watercolor flower tattoo along with butterfly.
watercolor butterfly tattoos

5. You might like a trippy tattoo design crafted using watercolor. Here is a stylish watercolor tattoo design on the forearm of this girl.
watercolor tattoos for women

6. If a boy is interested in watercolor tattoo then I would suggest them to have it on rib cage as they can hide it whenever they want.
watercolor skull tattoo

7. Geometric symbols and signs are easy to make using watercolor. Here is a geometric star tattoo design made using water color.
watercolor compass tattoo

8. I have to admit that I am pretty much impressed from this unique watercolor tattoo design. The artist beautifully used the watercolor as clouds around a tribal star.
cool watercolor tattoos

9. One problem with watercolor tattoos is that they fade away easily. Here is how a faded watercolor tattoo design would look.
watercolor tattoo designs

10. Here is another beautiful before and after photo of a watercolor tattoo design.
abstract watercolor tattoos

Watercolor Tattoos Pros and Cons

PROS of Watercolor Tattoo –

  • Watercolor tattoos look pleasingly beautiful. There is no denying in that.
  • They give a feel of artistic painting. So if you like that you will love watercolor tattoos.
  • They are latest trend and if you are a person who loves to be trendy then this is perfect choice for you.

CONS Of Watercolor Tattoo –

  • They Age Badly. Like Real Bad. They do not stand the taste of time. They fade away and leaves a colored blob which is hard to understand.
  • They are not easy to ink. In fact i have seen many watercolor tattoos go wrong even from experienced artists.