125+ Best Watercolor Tattoo Ideas and Designs (2018)

Watercolor Tattoos For Women

11. One advantage of watercolor tattoos is that they will not hurt and you can play around with any color of your choice. In fact i would suggest you to try a watercolor tattoo in white ink. Full Body Tattoo Ideas
watercolor tattoo sleeves

12. Whoa! This is an impressive watercolor tattoo of an elephant and flower on the shoulder of this girl.
watercolor elephant tattoo

13. Do not have a large size watercolor tattoo design because the color will fade away soon and the skin will look ugly.
watercolor back tattoos

14. Here is a beautiful giraffe watercolor tattoo on the forearm of this cute girl.
watercolor arm tattoos

15. The tattoo artist made a beautiful watercolor cat tattoo but you can see the color is fading away so it is losing its look.
watercolor cat tattoo

16. You do not need to have a complete tattoo using watercolors. You can use crayons to add outline to your tattoo.
watercolor heart tattoo

17. Is that Hulk or is that Buffed up Green Lantern? I am unable to understand because the color has faded.
watercolor tattoo fade

18. Here is how a watercolor tattoo should be. First have a real tattoo then color the boundaries with watercolor.
tattoo watercolor

19. Most people want watercolor tattoos because they can add multiple colors to it. But trust me a black watercolor tattoo would look more majestic than a colourful tattoo.
black watercolor tattoo

20. From an artist point of view it is very hard to have a 3D watercolor tattoo but if you can find such artist then go for it.
watercolor flower tattoo

Do Watercolor Tattoos Hurt More?

No they Don’t. Many people think that watercolor tattoo requires a whole new setup with new machines. You are wrong. Watercolor tattoo follow the same style of tattooing as regular tattoos. They do not hurt more than normal tattoos.