195+ Best Tattoos For Girls With Meaning (2018)

Cute Tattoos For Girls

11. If you cannot have large size tattoo due to your job but still wish to have a tattoo then I would recommend you to try a tattoo design on parts like fingers, palm, hand, and ankle or behind the ear. Here is a medium size cross tattoo design on the side of the hand of this woman.(Temporary unicorn tattoos)
cross tattoos for girls

12. Back neck tattoos look way more beautiful on girls as compared to boys. I would suggest girls to try a tiny flower or a tiny star tattoo design on back neck.
neck tattoos for girls

13. An interesting idea would be to try temporary tattoo designs that shows your interest and likes. For example this girl got tattooed with a pen which suggests that she probably loves writing and reading.
wrist tattoos for girls

14. Ankle is a special part for girls to have tattoos. Instead of ruining it with a weird tattoo design I would recommend you to try unique design such as this whale tattoo that perfectly blends with the body part.
small tattoos ideas for girls

15. Dragonfly tattoos have a deep meaning. They represent positivity and freedom therefore dragonfly tattoos are often recommended to girls. Here is a dragonfly tattoo on the foot of this lady.
foot tattoos for girls

16. Dreamcatcher tattoos are considered very lucky among both boys and girls. For girls dreamcatcher tattoo can be one of the best thigh tattoo design.
dreamcatcher tattoos for girls

17. It is not easy to find beautiful rib cage tattoos for girls. Here is an interesting elephant tattoo design inked on the rib of this beautiful girl.
side tattoos for girls

18. Girls can have tribal jewellery or ornament tattoo design on their body. The best part to try such tattoos is either neck or ankle.
pretty tattoos for girls

19. Even though I do not recommend face tattoos to my clients (be it male or female), still if you want one then here is a cool around the ear tattoo design on the face of this lady.
face tattoos for girls

20. Fairy tattoos suits more on body of girls than on boys. But what is the best part to try them? I would suggest girls to try fairy tattoos on forearm or calf.
cute tattoos for girls