55 Unique Small Tattoos For Men and Women (2018)

Meaningful Small Tattoos

41. Parrots are known for mimicking others. Parrot tattoos are not so popular but one can still try them as they are very adorable.(Unique skull tattoos)
small tattoos for women

42. If you want to have a finger tattoo but are restricted due to your employer policies then I would recommend you to try this ribbon tattoo that will go unnoticed most of the times.
cute small tattoos

43. Arrow tattoos are usually tried on hand or arm but they are also perfect choice for spine. Here is a small but impressive arrow tattoo on back bone of this woman.
small back tattoos

44. One very interesting and heart touching small tattoo idea is to have symbols of all major religions inked on your fingers.
small meaningful tattoos

45. Anchor tattoos look better in small size. Here is a small size anchor tattoo with bow on the back of the neck of this lady.
small anchor tattoos

46. When people opt for star tattoos they usually go for shining star tattoo. I would suggest you to try a small size shooting star tattoo which is considered very lucky.
small star tattoos

47. If you have an attitude of finding positivity even in the negative situations (You know like Spongebob) then try a small size sunflower tattoo on your legs or hand.
small flower tattoos

48. A rising sun tattoo will reflect your optimistic nature and by having it one the middle finger you will show that you do not care about the views of the world.
couple tattoos small

49. Why not try an offbeat and unique tattoo design such as of a small cup of coffee tattoo on wrist like this?
small wrist tattoos

50. You can try a small size tattoo design of your favourite musical instrument. This small size guitar tattoo design is perfectly tattooed but it would look way better on forearm instead of calf.
small ankle tattoos