55 Unique Small Tattoos For Men and Women (2018)

Small Tattoos For Men

31. Sailors and navy men have to follow tattoo policies and regulations of navy. For them small size tattoos and that too on the hidden part of the body are perfect. Here is a small ship tattoo design on the foot of this man.(Cross tattoos on hand)
small simple tattoos

32. If you are a fitness trainer who is expert in combat sports like Boxing, MMA or Wrestling then you must have a danger sign tattoo on your body to alert people. Here is a small size danger skull tattoo design on the calf of this boy that you can consider.
small skull tattoos

33. My favourite pick for angel tattoo would to have a large size angel tattoo on the back. Even angel wings are best suited on back shoulder. But if you for some reasons do not want to try it then go for a small size angel tattoo on wrist like this.
small cute tattoos

34. Ctas are sometimes very irritating but they are cute all the time. If you want to dedicate a tattoo to your pet cat then have in small size behind the ear. Make sure its paw are touching your ear.
small cat tattoos

35. Hamsa tattoos are spiritual tattoos that are represented by a hand with an eye in it. Here is a small hamsa tattoo design on forearm.
small tattoos on wrists

36. Sisters must try small size matching tattoos and one perfect idea for them is to try a heart tattoo design on wrist.
small heart tattoos

37. There is a theory that Jellyfish never dies. You can opt for a Jellyfish tattoo on thigh if you believe that soul is eternal and never dies.
small coloured tattoos

38. Ladybug tattoos became popular once again due to the success of horror film ‘DON’T BREATHE’. The heroine of the film had lady bug tattoo in small size on her hand you can try it on toe too.
small tattoos tumblr

39. Owl tattoos are considered symbolic to wisdom and knowledge. Try a small size owl tattoo design on knuckle if you consider that you have good IQ.
small owl tattoos

40. Here is a beautiful small size monkey tattoo design that can give a different look from different angels. One of the best small size tattoo design I have ever come across.
small tribal tattoos