55 Unique Small Tattoos For Men and Women (2018)

22. Most people think that only large size tattoos are meaningful and closer to heart but that’s not true. I would not suggest tattoos to pregnant women. If you have a little kid and you want to dedicate a tattoo to him/her then here is a small size mother daughter anger tattoo for you to consider.
mother daughter tattoos small

23. As a music lover I would highly recommend you to try at least one small size music note tattoo on your body. A small size music note tattoo behind the ear would be perfect.
small neck tattoos

24. If you are a planet lover and wonder about space and universe then you should surely try a geek tattoo. I would recommend you to try planet tattoo design in small size on wrist. A Saturn tattoo or a Jupiter tattoo would be perfect choice other than the obvious mars or earth tattoo.
small space tattoos

25. Snake tattoo designs are usually neglected by people because in some culture these tattoo have meaning of cunningness and venom. If you want one then try it in small size.
cool small tattoos for guys

26. Butterfly tattoos are extremely popular among women and they are loved in all sizes. Here is a small size butterfly tattoo on wrist.
small butterfly tattoos

27. People usually try ring tattoos or word tattoos on fingers but you can a small size tattoo of any particular design. For example this guy opted for a small tiny chili tattoo design on middle finger.
small tattoos for men

28. Forearm tattoos are usually front facing but if you want a unique style then try a side forearm tattoo. Such tattoos will be long, thin and small. For this flower tattoos or quote tattoos are perfect.
small rose tattoos

29. One universal fact is that girls love fashion and there are like millions of girls in fashion industry. Many of them are in hair style industry. Here is small size scissor tattoo for them.
small tattoos for girls

30. Why not try a small size sea horse tattoo design? Sea horse tattoos are considered lucky among many cultures because they are symbolic to the god of sea Neptune (or Poseidon)
small tattoos