55 Unique Small Tattoos For Men and Women (2018)

Small Tattoos Designs

11. Many people opt for small number tattoos but the numbers obviously need to be meaningful and special to you. Here is a small number tattoo on the finger of this girl and if probably indicate the birth year of the girl.(Cool tattoos designs for male)
best small tattoos

12. If you wish to confuse people then opt for a complicated tattoo design in small size. For example here the artist showed a small pyramid tattoo with various small scriptures.
small geometric tattoos

13. Small and tiny religious tattoos are way more impressive than large size religious tattoos. You can get your religious symbol inked on your wrist or forearm. Here this girl got the OM word tattooed on her collar bone.
small chest tattoos

14. Why to try simple small tattoos when you can go for some offbeat designs. Here is a small pastel hot air balloon tattoo on the forearm of this boy.
small traditional tattoos

15. This small size infinity tattoo on the lower rib cage of this woman could be improved by tattooing It with the word LOVE on one side and ALWAYS on the other.
small rib tattoos

16. If you have huge biceps then small size tattoo will surely stand out on the peaks. How about getting them tattooed with one thing that you consider most important in your lifestyle – FOOD?
small arm tattoos

17. You might get surprised by the popularity of Chinese and Japanese quote tattoos. If you want them too then have them on parts like behind the ear or on the back of the neck.
small names tattoos

18. If you are interested in cooking then a nice tattoo idea would be to try a small size knife tattoo on hand or arm.
small mens tattoos

19. Word tattoos can be really good option for small tattoos. Here is the small size hindi word tattoo. The word is MAA which translates to Mother.
small tattoos with meaning

20. If you opt for small mermaid tattoo design then it is best suited on ankle. Imagine this design around the ankle and you will definitely be proud of this tattoo design.
small forearm tattoos

Small Tattoos For Women

21. Bow tattoos alone might not look cool all the time but if they are added with another unique design such as a face outline then they will surely look impressive for a longer period of time. Here is a small size Minnie mouse outline tattoo with bow on head behind the ear of this woman.(Rose tattoos on shoulder)
small tattoos behind ears