50 Unique Harry Potter Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2018)

Unique Harry Potter Tattoos

41. One of the most romantic harry potter tattoos for couples would be the famous ‘After All This Time?’ and ‘Always’. It is much better couple tattoo idea than the infinity heart tattoos.(Mermaid tattoos for guys)
matching harry potter tattoos

42. The whoomping willow is a magical plant that causes more harm than good. It will attack anyone that comes closer to it.
harry potter tree tattoos

43. What would be a better tattoo for harry potter fan than a magical wand? Most fans love to have tattoo of the elder wand which is cited as the most powerful wand ever.
harry potter wand tattoos

44. In the harry potter world, the nimbus 2000 is one of the most popular magical broomstick. It was described as the fastest broomstick by Harry but its speed was surpassed by the future models.
harry potter temporary tattoos

45. If you do not want to try complicated tattoos then go for simple harry potter tattoos like this tiny subtle magical wand tattoo on finger.
simple harry potter tattoos

46. There are many choices for small harry potter tattoos but personally I think the sorting hat would be a great choice.
small harry potter tattoos

47. Do you recognize this number? 9 ¾ is the train station number which teleport you to the magical world of Hogwarts.
subtle harry potter tattoos

48. The golden snitch tattoo can also be tried in tiny shape in the style of a ring. It would be ideal for couples who are harry potter fans.
tiny harry potter tattoos

49. One unique harry potter tattoo idea would be to try harry potter quotes that are in the shape of Deathly hallow sign.
unique harry potter tattoos

50. If you loved the Quidditch game very much and you find yourself as a sports loving person then try the golden snitch tattoo.
harry potter snitch tattoos

Which Harry potter tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?