50 Unique Harry Potter Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2018)

I love TV, Movie, Book or video game related tattoos. Harry potter tattoos have their own dedicated fan following which is only increasing. I have seen lot of people trying meaningless harry potter tattoos.

You do not have to opt for just any kind of harry potter tattoo. Instead choose for a tattoo that mean something to you and that best describes your personality. Here is a list of 50 best harry potter tattoos for men and women –

Harry Potter Quote Tattoos

1. Harry Potter Spell Tattoos are extremely popular and this is the reason why you will see many tattoos of potion and spells on harry potter fans. The person who drinks the potion ‘Felix Felicis’ can become successful in any task. This is because the outcome of whatever he/she will try (no matter how tough) will be in their favour. This can be improved with a heaven tattoo.(Anchor tattoos on wrist)
amazing harry potter tattoos

2. Remember Hermione’s Time Turner from Prisoner of Azkaban? If you try this awesome harry potter tattoo then it would mean that you want to change something from your past.
awesome harry potter tattoos

3. The Spelling of harry potter quote tattoos and spell tattoos should be correct. The Spell shown in this picture is ‘Expecto Patronum’ which is the most powerful defensive charm. It was used by Harry Potter against Dementors. There is a spelling mistake in the tattoo show in this photo but the design is worth trying.
badass harry potter tattoos

4. You can change harry potter quote tattoos in your local language. Like here is tattoo of famous harry potter quote “It is possible to find happiness in the darkest hours, if the person remembers to turn on the light” translated in Portuguese language.
beautiful harry potter tattoos

5. The Golden snitch is the most important element in the famous Quidditch game of wizardly world. Back of the neck is perfect placement for golden snitch tattoo. As Golden Snitch is hard to catch so its tattoo would mean that you are chasing dreams that are hard to achieve.
best harry potter tattoos

6. I find minimal harry potter tattoos the coolest. Like here is an outline tattoo of the famous building of Hogwarts School.
cool harry potter tattoos

7. You can add popular tattoo styles to your harry potter tattoos. Such as here the artist mixed up a magical wand tattoo and infinity tattoo thus making a perfect harry potter couple tattoo.
harry potter couple tattoos

8. Every harry potter fan know whose symbol is the Dark Matter. You know we should not name him. If you are fan of Voldemort from the series then you should try Harry potter dark mark tattoos.
harry potter dark mark tattoos

9. Dementor plays a very important role in bringing courage to the harry potter character. If you too are fighting from your fears and want to win them then try a harry potter dementor tattoo like this.
harry potter dementor tattoos

10. Dobby’s death is arguably the saddest moment in Harry Potter series. If you too loved Dobby then try a Harry Potter dobby tattoo.
harry potter dobby tattoos