50 Unique Harry Potter Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2018)

Simple Harry Potter Tattoos

31. Did you cry when Serveus Snape replied ‘Always’ to Dumbledore upon asking ‘Does he still love Lilly Potter?’ I Cried. This word means a lot to harry potter fans. Popular Hollywood actor johnny depp also have this tattoo for winona.(Small norse tattoos)
harry potter tattoos always

32. The famous sign of deathly hallows which includes a triangle, a circle and a straight line is popular tattoo choice as well. It is said that who ever possessed the elder wand (straight line), resurrection stone (circle) and invisibility cloak (Triangle) would become the master of death.
harry potter tattoos deathly hallows

33. When Harry potter casted the Patronus charm in Prisoner of Azkaban a stag came out and fended hundreds of dementors over Sirius black. The stag tattoo is therefore very popular among harry potter fans.
harry potter tattoos for guys

34. I Must Not Tell lies were the word that carved on Harry potter’s hand when he used the infamous black quill. You can try them as tattoo but it should be in red ink and should be on left hand.
harry potter tattoos i must not tell lies

35. The Marauder’s map is a very popular harry potter prop that was even sold has kids toy. You can try the famous I solemnly swear line along with the map in your tattoo design.
harry potter tattoos i solemnly swear

36. The sorting hat is one of the oldest known relics in Harry Potter universe. It is used to give students their ideal houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin) based on their personality.
harry potter tattoos ideas

37. Now this is really smart harry potter sibling tattoo. First of all the person chose minimal HP tattoo (footsteps and scar), secondly it has a white ink quote in it.
harry potter tattoos images

38. You can try the famous sign of deathly hallow in white ink. But be sure that it is visible to you at right angles.
harry potter tattoos stars

39. What would be a better harry potter tattoo than the logo of the school? The logo of the school include mascot of all four houses.
harry potter tattoos tumblr

40. Instead of trying large size harry potter tattoos I would suggest you to go tiny. Try simple HP tattoos like this on neck or behind the year.
harry potter tattoos