50 Unique Harry Potter Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2018)

Cool Harry Potter Tattoos

21. To be honest the book does not give a familiar look to the harry potter character. In fact i have seen a mix up of irish pride tattoos with HP universe that are not very good (Drunk Harry). It was only after Danielle Radcliffe stepped into the shoes of famous wizard that we got a familiar harry potter. You can try a Harry potter portrait tattoo if you liked him.(Mandala tattoos on shoulder)
harry potter portrait tattoos

22. This is probably the most famous quote from Harry Potter series. This line was said by Headmaster Albus Dumbledore to Harry Potter in the novel Harry potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.
harry potter quote tattoos dumbledore

23. If you do not want a serious or motivational harry potter quote tattoos then try something funny like this quote. This line was used by harry potter to show the contents of the Marauder’s map which otherwise would be blank.
harry potter quotes tattoos

24. Do you like harry potter minimalist tattoos? How about trying a minimal scar and harry potter glasses tattoo just like this?
harry potter scar tattoos

25. You do not need to have permanent harry potter tattoos. In fact I often use watercolour and pastel color to have temporary tattoos of my choice.
harry potter scar temporary tattoos

26. If you want to learn how to earn respect then Serverus snape might not be the best choice. It was not until he died that we learned how great person he was.
harry potter severus snape tattoos

27. There are many matching tattoos from the harry potter world that could be tried by siblings. If you wish to have tiny tattoos then opt for star tattoo designs like this.
harry potter sibling tattoos

28. Tell Me How many harry potter related stuff are used in this one word tattoo? Can you recognize the word?
Harry Potter Sister Tattoos

29. Alohomora is one of the most familiar harry potter charm. It is also called as friend of thieves and it is used to open locks. If you are trying to open locks of someone heart then dedicate them an Alohomora tattoo with in a heart and their name.
harry potter spell tattoos

30. Here is another Harry potter symbol tattoos that will bring you back the nostalgic days. Can you tell me what are these symbols represent?
harry potter symbols tattoos