50 Unique Harry Potter Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2018)

Small Harry Potter Tattoos

11. As the harry potter golden snitch tattoo is extremely popular so I would suggest to try it in a small size and that too on forearm or wrist, give it a golden color. This way your tattoo would be unique. You can further improve it by trying it as an inner bicep tattoo.(Celtic wedding ring tattoos)
harry potter golden snitch tattoos

12. ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ is the most basic spell learned by witches and wizard of Hogwarts. It make things fly so surely it would suit on a feather.
harry potter inspired tattoos

13. Winged keys protected the Philosopher stone in the first movie/novel of the Harry Potter Series. It is a good choice for couples where they can try harry potter key tattoos along with a heart lock.
harry potter key tattoos

14. You do not need to have large size harry potter tattoos. In fact I would love to have such harry potter knuckle tattoos where several magical objects are inked on the fingers.
harry potter knuckle tattoos

15. The famous lightning bolt scar on the forehead of tattoo inspired a lot of tattoo design. Do not try the harry potter lightning bolt tattoo on forehead. Wrist, fingers or ankle is ideal place for it.
harry potter lightning bolt tattoos

16. Why would anyone like to have lord voldemort tattoo? Do they want to scare the kids away? Anyway here is one for consideration.
harry potter lord voldemort tattoos

17. The winged key is also ideal choice for matching harry potter tattoos. You can try them with your siblings as well. All the brother sister can have winged key tattoos with the mother or father having the heart lock tattoo.
harry potter minimalist tattoos

18. The owl brings important news to the students of Hogwarts from the outside world. If you are in navy then harry potter owl tattoos are perfect choice for you.
harry potter owl tattoos

19. The powerful charm Expecto Patronum in the harry potter universe brings out your spirit animal and save you from dementors.
harry potter patronus tattoos

20. Albus Dumbledore’s pet phoenix Fawkes taught Harry potter an important lesson when he born again from its own ashes. The harry potter phoenix tattoo would be meaningful to those who learn from their mistakes and step forward.
harry potter phoenix tattoos