50 Unique Cross Tattoos For Men and Women (2017)

Do you know that cross tattoos are most popular tattoo designs in the world? The world is inhabited by around 2 billion Christians. Even though not everyone consider for tattoos but those who do they consider for cross tattoo design. There are many different type of cross tattoo designs ranging from Celtic cross tattoos to catholic cross tattoos. Here we have listed 50 unique cross tattoo ideas that you can choose from –

Cross tattoos Ideas

1. You might get interested into 3D cross tattoo designs. If so then I would recommend you to try a cross that is bent on the sides like this.
3d cross tattoos
2. Many artists recommend adding banner or ribbon around the cross. This boy has a beautiful cross tattoo design on his bicep.
cathlic cross tattoos
3. Catholic cross tattoos are much more popular than other cross tattoo types. If you are a true catholic than this cross tattoo might interest you.
catholic cross tattoos
4. One more cross tattoo design that is popular among tattoo lovers is the Celtic cross tattoo. Here is a variant of Celtic cross tattoo that will suit well on couples.
Celtic cross tattoos
5. You can give a medieval era look to your cross tattoo design by adding a royal king crown. The artist here added a ring too that is probably inspired from Lord of the Rings.
chest cross tattoos
6. Personally I think cross tattoos should be medium to large in size. But if you admire small cross tattoos than one of the best places to have them is finger.
cool cross tattoos
7. The combination of cross and anchor tattoo is very meaningful as it signify that the faith of the person is much stronger in god than in anything else.
cross anchor tattoos
8. Another beautiful combination would be cross and wings tattoo. I would suggest you to have it in large size. A cool idea would be to try large size angel wings on back and a cross tattoo on backbone.
cross and wings tattoos
9. If you opt for a large size cross tattoo then one thing that you can do is to add minor subtle details in the design (like a bible verse maybe).
cross back tattoos
10. Even though not many would admire this unique cross tattoo design but I have to admit that it will be a good conversation starter and people will surely ask its meaning.
cross cover up tattoos

Cross tattoos for men

11. A blackwork (or neo tribal) cross tattoo would look incomplete somehow. So I suggest adding an outline cross tattoo to it just like this.
cross neck tattoos
12. One very creative cross tattoo idea would be to wear a cross necklace tattoo. Even though necklace tattoos are tried by women but in my opinion men can try it too.
cross necklaces tattoos
13. Cross tattoo can also be really touching memorial tattoos. You can add the name of your late family member and surely it would be an emotional tribute.
cross on hand tattoos
14. How about giving a unique shade to your cross tattoo? Instead of coloring the interior of the cross you can have a simple cross tattoo in outline placed over a dark background like this.
cross sleeve tattoos
15. The cross and angel wings tattoo combination can be tried on various parts of body and one unique placement would be to try it behind ears.
cross tattoos behind ear
16. It is not necessary to show wings far apart from cross. You can give the cross itself two angelic wings like this.
cross tattoos designs
17. You can add religious words to your cross tattoo design. Some cool suggestions are – Faith, Hope, Love, God, Christ and family.
cross tattoos for girls
18. Is there a special reason that the artist added polygon shapes to this cross tattoo design? I found it unique and cool but I am confused about their representation.
cross tattoos for guys
19. Now this is really smart and impressive cross tattoo design. First of all I loved the minimal design and secondly the 3D look of this tattoo is a killer. Trust me only an experienced tattoo artist can pull this off.
cross tattoos for men on arm
20. Another cool cross tattoo design is to show as if the cross is stitched along the skin. It may offend people so think thoroughly before finalising.
cross tattoos for men

Cross tattoos for women

21. If you are a peaceful person and want to send this message through your cross tattoo design then I would suggest you to add flying birds to it.
cross tattoos for women
22. One thing I want to clear you is that you should not have a religious tattoo on lower part of body because it would be disrespecting. Still many people search for cross tattoos on ankle and foot.
cross tattoos on ankles
23. You can ask the artist to leave a little greyish shade around the edges of the cross tattoo (using white ink) to give it a completely different look.
cross tattoos on back of neck
24. As I said cross tattoo on feet would be disrespect. Many artist would suggest you to try cross anklet tattoo like this.
cross tattoos on feet
25. There is no point of trying a really tiny cross tattoo. Show your faith proudly. But if for some reason you cannot have a large tattoo then try this tiny cross tattoo on finger.
cross tattoos on finger
26. You can add a quote with your cross tattoo design that shows your faith in god. Many people prefer adding bible verses but there are many positive god related quotes too.
cross tattoos on foot
27. If you want to have a cross tattoo on forearm then please carefully check the size and the placement of the tattoo. You would not like the cross tattoo extend up to the elbow.
cross tattoos on forearm
28. Here is another unique tattoo of cross that seems to be inspired from the shield of warrior. Such cross tattoos would look good on chest, stomach or rib cage.
cross tattoos on ribs
29. Wrist is a common place to try cross tattoos. You can give it a unique turn by trying the cross tattoo design on the side of the wrist like this.
cross tattoos on wrist
30. One design that I often recommend to my clients is the cross and heartbeat tattoo design. It is very meaningful and you can add words too to it.
cross tattoos tumblr

Cross tattoos designs

31. If you want to dedicate your cross tattoo in the memory of your loved ones then then I would suggest adding a banner to it.
cross tattoos with banners
32. I think simple cross tattoos look way much better than their modified counterparts. Just look at this cross tattoo on the back neck of this guy and you would agree.
cross tattoos
33. Another beautiful idea for a cross tattoo would be to try a cross with flowers tattoo. However the placement of flower will matter a lot in such design.
cross with flowers tattoos
34. Girls would find small cross tattoos cute. A really cool and cute cross tattoo idea would be to try a tiny cross on side of the neck.
cute cross tattoos
35. Now here is a really beautiful and fabulous modification of a cross tattoo. The artist made a cross tattoo just using a flower vine and this is really impressive.
feminine cross tattoos
36. The artist gave a unique look to this cross tattoo design by adding a tiny cross tattoo to the bigger cross.
girls cross tattoos
37. This tiny cross tattoo design might fade away real quick but it surely is very pretty design.
girly cross tattoos
38. If you wish to add a heart to your cross tattoo design then I would suggest you to add it on the centre. Also give the heart a red color.
hearts cross tattoos
39. Irish cross tattoos may not be as popular as celtic cross tattoos but they have their own dedicated fan following. Here is a beautiful irish cross tattoo on the hand of this boy.
irish cross tattoos
40. The Knights of ancient Malta used a special kind of cross design known as Maltese cross. You can try Maltese cross tattoos which look like this.
maltese cross tattoos

Simple Cross tattoos

41. Many people like to have colourful cross tattoos and if you want one then I would suggest you to pick up red color for your cross tattoo.
red cross tattoos
42. If you want to give your cross tattoo a religious look then I would suggest you to add praying hands to it like this.
religion cross tattoos
43. If placed smartly cross tattoo can really look like a piece of art. See in this image the artist made the cross tattoo look like an ear ring.
simple cross tattoos
44. Couples can have matching cross tattoo designs. One very good option would be to try cross tattoo on ring fingers as shown in this picture.
small cross tattoos
45. You can add small star tattoos along with your cross tattoo design. Here is a cool option for you to consider.
southern cross tattoos
46. Siblings can also have matching tattoo design and my suggestion to them would be to try a small tiny cross tattoo behind the ear as shown here.
tiny cross tattoos
47. There are many cross tattoo design available online but in my opinion this is one of the best tribal cross tattoo that will suit boys.
tribal cross tattoos
48. Isn’t this cross tattoo design unique and creative? I really liked the way the artist added the name of Jesus on the cross.
unique cross tattoos
49. Have you ever tried white ink cross tattoo? If you are considering a white ink tattoo then cross is the best choice.
white cross tattoos
50. You can opt for realistic cross tattoo designs that have a textured wooden look. Here is one that is made on the stem of the tree.
wooden cross tattoos

So which cross tattoo design from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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