Wedding Tattoos: What You Need to Know when getting it

Wedding day is an important and memorable day for all couples. While the big day comes with a lot of planning and preparation, one way to make yourself and your partner look more extraordinary is to include a wedding tattoo. 

If you’ve always wanted a tattoo on you, then including one or more wedding tattoos on your special day will be the real deal. But beyond that, there are many things you need to know before getting the tattoo. This post will expatiate on that.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Wedding Tattoo 

  • Consider something that is symbolic and meaningful to you both 

Getting a wedding tattoo should come with a sort of uniqueness and it should symbolize your love and companionship. It could just be something simple in the form of a symbol signifying your forever interest in your spouse. 

You could also use a nickname that you both share. Many couples with wedding tattoos most times personalize it to themselves. 

Your tattoos don’t have to be a common type, it only has to be something you both will like on you and a sign that’s significant to you both.

  • Do the tattoo at the adequate time 

When getting your wedding tattoos, you will need to factor in the necessary amount of time that’s needed for the tattoo area to heal. Tattoos are open wounds that require three to four weeks for them to heal, depending on the size, your body type, and the artist used.

You should ensure that your tattoo is healed completely before the wedding day, so you should have the tattoo done a few weeks before your big day.

  • Decide on your Tattooist 

Before having your tattoo done on you, it is important that you carefully choose the best tattooist. You would not want to randomly choose anyone because of the several health issues associated with the low-quality tattooist. 

Choose an expert with proven results. You could ask for suggestions from friends, family, or colleagues who also have a tattoo on them. You could also search online for reviews and comments made by past customers of a tattoo brand.

Beautiful Wedding Tattoos Ideas 

If you are a fan of tattoo designs, then you’ll want to consider having one on you on the big day. 

After having sorted out every other thing like your wedding dress, hair and makeup, women and, shoes, jewelry, and other body embodiment; your wedding tattoo should be one other important thing to complement your gorgeous look. Below are the wedding tattoos ideas you can consider.

  • Kings and Queens tattoo 

King’s and queen’s tattoos most times are designed around a finger, in the wrist or arm, or any other part of the body which the partners like. 

It is most times drawn in the form of a crown to show that the partners are two different kingdoms on their own uniting together, ready to form and unite as one lovely kingdom.

While many partners prefer to use the crown symbol, some simply use the word “king and queen” or the letter K and Q.

  • His and her tattoo 

His and hers represent an awesome tattoo that compliments the partner’s commitment to one another. Having this on you at your wedding speaks that you both are already determined to tie the knot right from time and you are proud to show this to the world. 

As a lady, having a tattoo of “his only” on your body tells other men that you are chosen already and you are no longer available. And as a man, it tells other women the same.

  • Name tattoo 

Having your partner’s name on you could be the best way to communicate to them that he/she is forever with you. And even after the wedding, it simply helps you remember your partner all the time.

If you decide to get this type of wedding tattoo, it should be designed on the part of your body that’s very visible. It could be somewhere around your hand, finger, or arm so you can always see it on you. 

Apart from using each other’s name, you can also decide to use a nickname that you share.

  • I love you more tattoo 

This tattoo design has been used over and over by many couples and it is one of the simplest but cutest tattoos. Simply design this on your body to represent your love and companionship in the relationship. 

The tattoo can be inscribed in several ways. A simple facial picture of your man or woman can be inscribed with the statement “I love you more” below it. And it could just simply be the statement only.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Tattoo 

This tattoo simply signifies that you are now married and then committed to one person. It shows to other people that you are chosen and already in a marital relationship. So while it’s on the visible part of your body, it simply announces that you are not single anymore.

  • Infinity tattoo 

This is a simple tattoo design done with the infinity sign to show that couples are united and are committed to a long-term forever marital relationship. It is simply one of the best tattoos that you can consider if you want something unique, simple, and symbolic.

Having this tells your partner you both are meant for one another for the rest of your lives and till eternity.

  • Wedding date tattoo 

Your wedding day is a significant day of your life and it’s a day when you have the bond joined together. It is a good idea if you have a tattoo on you with the date. 

One thing about this tattoo is that it keeps you remembering this day and the memorable events that occurred on the day. And when you remember this, you simply recall how much you used to love your partner, even on days when you have a misunderstanding.

  • Lock and Key Tattoo 

Just like the key is the only way or remedy to have a lock opened and closed, having a tattoo with a lock and key simply shows that both partners only have the key to their hearts. 

Usually one of the partners will have the lock tattoo design while the other will have the key. So with this, you both are already communicating that your heart belongs to him/her only and it can only be controlled with the key on the other person. 

There isn’t any strict pattern or design for the key and lock that can be used, so the partner can choose the key and lock design that they like.


Having a wedding tattoo design on your big day is one way to communicate your love. But while doing that, ensure you use an expert to avoid any issues.

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